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Friday, June 27, 2008

Questions for Bertrand Duchaufour

In the second week of July, I will have an opportunity to spend a day in the presence of perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, the author of Amouage Jubilation XXV, all Eau d'Italie, many Comme des Garcons and L'Artisan Parfumeur scents and now in charge of L'Atelier de L'Artisan Parfumeur. If there are questions that you would like to ask the celebrated nez, please state them in your comments. I will try to get answers to as many questions as possible and will, of course, publish replies on PST. I will be collecting questions till Sunday, July 6th.

As a side note, next week PST will be on a break. We will be back on July 7th. Have a great weekend and a wonderful week, everybody!

Image source, L'Artisan Parfumeur.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I would like to know: Which of his creations does he feels the most affection for? How has his craft developed over the course of his career?

11:05 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful! He is my favorite nose. I'd like to ask, "What brief were you given for Lalique's Flora Bella and what were your inspirations for the scent?" Flora Bella (thanks to Tania Sanchez) is my happiest discovery of the year, a gorgeous and quirky floral.

12:26 AM EDT  
Blogger Solander said...

Ooh! He might be my favourite perfumer, due to the dearly beloved Sherbet Rhubarb and many other scents I appreciate, such as the Eau d'Italie line. My question to him would be:
After smelling a number of your creations, I think I have picked up a "signature accord" which reminds me of freshly cut chili peppers - spicy hot yet coolly green at the same time. I think it might be some kind of magic you do with vetiver. I get this to different degrees from Bois d'Ombrie, Sienne l'hiver, Paestum Rose, Dzongkha and Kyoto. Is this intentional or something you would like to comment upon?

3:46 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fabulous opportunity! Oddly enough, solander already asked my question. I'm also wondering about that wonderful and unique peppery-earth accord that I get in Dzongkha and the Eau d'Italie scents. What inspired it and why did he decide to explore variations of it in these different scents?

9:32 AM EDT  
Blogger elle said...

How wonderful that you get to interview him! I'd probably be unable to say anything coherent to the man who created Jubilation XXV, Sequoia, Kyoto, Avignon, Harissa, Mechant Loup and on and on my list of much loved scents he's created goes. I'd end up doing something horribly awkward like asking for his autograph on one of my bottles. Damn fine thing I'm not meeting him.

1:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: I have one more question for M. Duchaufour- does he need a beta tester?? ;-)

2:54 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in his relationship to incense. How did it become such a central aspect of his work? How extensively has he studied various incense cultures, does he have a spiritual or just a professional relation to it?

Thanks, the_good_life from basenotes.

6:25 PM EDT  
Blogger Kirsten McGregor said...

My question is how does one get into a career in fragrance? Which schools would he recommend? Are there apprentice opportunities? Which are the best of workshops? Thanks! Kiki

5:39 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a story to Dzongkha ? I mean both 'a story how you came to make the scent this way' and ' a story you think the scent tells' ? It's one of the great scents of the last quarter-century.

6:05 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No questions since I'm past your deadline, but how lucky for you, Marina. Do enjoy your time with Mr. D.

Even a relative "newbie" like me is really overwhelmed by his work. I'm with solander in loving Rhubarb, but it's his incenses that make me swoon: Dzongkha, Avignon, Timbuktu & Jubilation XXV. If I were allowed to take only one scent to a desert island it would be Jubilation XXV, probably followed by Timbuktu. He is an absolute artist-genius.

8:50 PM EDT  

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