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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter to Mr.B., Master Distiller: Aged Hindi Oud (32 years old)

Dear Mr. B.,

I just couldn’t wait for the weekend! This morning I transferred your oil to a glass bottle and I’ve spent the last couple of hours getting to know it. Mr. B.- I’m in heaven! I feel so fortunate to have experienced this sweet, soothing oil! I know we’re going to spend many tranquil and dreamy hours together.

I’ve written down some things it reminds me of, though words don’t do it justice:

-the scent of very worn deerskin that has become so soft you can pull it through a wedding ring

-the scent of a gentle fire just as the first breath of smoke appears

-the scent of moist plums stored in an old wooden crock, dusted with cinnamon and doused in port wine

-the scent of moss baking in the afternoon sun

-the scent of a cello’s belly that has been played for many years

-the touch of my mother’s cool lips kissing my forehead when I’m sick

-the smoothness of a dark wooden ball that has been lovingly palmed by generations of children

-the smoldering darkness of crushed, midnight silk velvet

-the crystalline depth of molten topaz and black diamonds

-the lined and wizened face of “Crazy Thunder”, Oglala Lakota chief

-the steadiness of a tombak

-the delightful mystery of fireflies

Mr. B.- Although I am unable to describe the smoothness, composure and allure of this scent in a way that captures its beauty, one thing I can say for sure: it is the scent of serenity.

Thank you for sending it to me.

With warm regards,


A recent distillation of Mr. B’s Hindi oud will soon be available from Enfleurage, New York City (888) 387-0300



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very intriguing. I would love to try and reach back in time through all the imaginal memories evoked by the scent of this aged Hindi Oud.

12:19 AM EST  
Blogger Madelyn E said...

When Mr. B receives this letter of gratitute from you - it is HE that will be the grateful one.
He will be grateful for your vivid descriptions of the way this Hindi Oud inspires the divine.
It is a life affirming message of the power of this brilliantly composed oud .
Thank you Marian for your most innovative review!

1:43 AM EST  
Blogger Flora said...

Marian, that is just exquisite, and there is nothing in the world I want more right now than to smell aged Hindi Oud!

2:18 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds delicious. Hope it comes out soon so I can take a whiff!

2:26 AM EST  
Blogger LaBoheme said...

beautiful reflections...sounds amazing!

3:16 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Anonymous: I'd like to look forward in time to see if this oil smells any different 32 years from today :-)

3:49 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Madelyn E: I hope Mr. B enjoys my letter as much as I'm enjoying his oil!

3:50 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Thank you, Flora. There's nothing in the world I want more than that everyone has an opportunity to smell an oil that affects them the way Mr. B's affects me.

3:56 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Anonymous: It may already be in stock at Enfleurage. I believe there are very limited quantities so if you're really interested I'd suggest contacting Enfleurage fairly soon.

3:59 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

LaBoheme: Thank you!

4:00 AM EST  
Blogger Lorelie said...

What a poetic ode to Hindi Oud---can't wait to smell this. Wonderful description!

7:59 AM EST  
Anonymous divinemama said...

Marian, your thoughts on this oud oil are indeed inspiring. Thank you for writing such a beautiful review of a pure oud oil. My inquiry to Enfleurage has already been sent. I am sure it will be among many other requests after people read this moving article.

10:23 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Lorelie: Thank you! Enfleurage is most scrupulous regarding from whom they source their oils. They vet their oils very carefully. Trygve has actually visited this distiller so you can be sure, since it has her stamp of approval, it's the "real deal".

2:27 PM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

divinemama: If you like HIndi oils I"m sure you'll appreciate the one Enfleurage is carrying. It is an excellent example of the genre.

2:29 PM EST  
Anonymous divinemama said...

I do like Hindi's, Marian. I am looking forward to experiencing this one. I have faith in both your and Trygve's judgement. One thing I really appreciate about Enfleurage is the story behind the oils that Trygve expresses so well in her blog.

I look forward to more Divine oud reviews from you.

4:19 PM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

divinemama: Following Ms. Harris blog is a source of great pleasure for me. She is a woman of beautiful spirit, strong principals, integrity, great intellect, courage and fortitude. I have the deepest admiration for her.

5:23 PM EST  
Blogger elle said...

A 32 year old Hindi oud? How incredibly intriguing! Sounds magical! Thanks for such a wonderfully evocative review. And I'm now as determined to track down and sniff a well used cello as I am to sniff this oud.

6:20 PM EST  
Anonymous lilacskin said...

7:15 PM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

elle: I have a recording of Yo=Yo Ma playing Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suites. If I had to choose between smelling and listening to a cello, it wouldn't be a difficult decision to make :-)

9:01 PM EST  
Blogger StyleSpy said...

Good heavens! WANT!!

10:31 AM EST  
Blogger Ducks said...

Oh, delightful review! This sounds heavenly and earthy, all at once.

4:39 PM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

StyleSpy: It's available, unlike, I imagine, your fiery pumps!

Ducks: You summed it up very nicely :-)

10:18 PM EST  
Blogger MichaelRad said...

agreed, this is a thank you letter that def has a place on the fridge :-) another great review- thanks for sharing

4:16 PM EST  
Anonymous Nancy said...

This is simply wonderful. These words are so descriptive; Marian paints vivid, intriguing pictures that give the reader a sense of the scent!

5:01 PM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Thanks, Michael and Nancy. I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience it!

1:59 AM EST  
Anonymous Carol said...


you did a wonderful job describing this alluring oil. I can't wait to experience the scent of moss baking in the afternoon sun and the touch of my mother’s cool lips kissing my forehead when I’m sick ... sounds like pure heaven! Enfleurage here I come!

4:34 AM EST  
Anonymous Marian said...

Carol- If you get the opportunity to sample Enfleurage's newer distillation I hope you'll share your thoughts!

3:57 PM EST  

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