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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nuit Etoilée by Annick Goutal

By Tom

My Scent Twin reviewed this one the other day and since she said it was at Saks I ran over (well, strolled since it was about 75 degrees) to try it. Nuit Etoilée is apparently a nod to the Van Gogh's Starry Night. But other than the beautiful sapphire blue of the bottle, I don't quite get the reference.

Because on me there isn't much that's dark about this scent. It's opens on my skin, as it does for Gaia as a minty citrus, shot though with a dark and rather bitter green pine note (that I immediately loved). As it develops it brings on a basamic sweetness and a touch of immortelle that makes for a suprisingly edible finish.

That is, for the few hours it sticks around. For something that starts off so definite, I have to mention I got three hours tops out of it. I would happily re-apply, but that could expensive proposition. Since I already have a bottle of Ninfeo Mio which for me treads much the same path, this one I'll pass on for now.

1.7 oz for $72 and 3.4 oz for $120, exclusively at Saks for the moment, where I asked for a sample.

Image: Wikipedia Commons


Blogger Flora said...

I have not tried this yet, but shockingly, Ninfeo Mio did NOT work for me at all, so I wonder about the new one.

12:37 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just received a sample. Is it my imagination, or does it smell rather like the AG Noel candle and home fragrance spray?? Since I love Noel, I find I really like this too! It's the scent of pine that's appealing to me. I reckon the reason why it doesn't get much love is the association with Van Gogh, which leads us to expect something much more violent and dark. For me, it's a reminder of Christmas and a walk through a frosted pine forest.

3:20 AM EDT  

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