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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Revisiting: CB I Hate Perfume At the Beach 1966

By Tom

I reviewed the Secret History series a little more than six years ago (have I been doing this that long?) and was a little put off by At the Beach 1966. I wrote then:
I was really transported by this one: I was once again a 12 year old at the beach at Niantic, wet bathing suit at all. Of course, this scent makes for the most romanticized 12 year old in a wet bathing suit you can imagine, but since I am not 12, and not looking to [CheapShot] try to seduce R. Kelly [/CheapShot], I do not think that I will be getting a bottle of this one.
I found it to be a great piece of perfumers magic unto performance art, but not something I could really see myself wearing. This past Sunday I was wandering around West Hollywood and decided to pop into ScentBar (I know, shock of shocks. My reaction to winning best actress in a musical or comedy, being released from prison or stubbing my toe would likely end in "pop into ScentBar". My reaction to Lotto winnings would be "buy ScentBar") and spied the water perfume version of this. I gave a spritz to my wrist and gave it a few minutes. I don't know if it's the fact that the water perfume isn't as concentrated but the scent slows down quite a bit. It's lighter and I can smell the white flowers (datura and tuberose I think) and the coconut along with the sea air and the wet sand.

I still don't know that it's something I'd reach for much, but that's because salty and beachy aren't really my thing. (I prefer Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel with it's marshy goodness for that) I will write that it was perfect for this week in the 70's here in Los Angeles, and at $80 for 100ML I might just have to treat myself. The lasting power isn't stellar- I get four hours or so. But that's what re-applying is all about..

I tested and asked for a sample at Scentbar. Available at LuckyScent,, and other stores.

Image of Rocky Neck Beach in Niantic, CT from Wikipedia


Blogger Katie Puckrik said...

"My reaction to winning best actress in a musical or comedy, being released from prison or stubbing my toe would likely end in "pop into ScentBar". My reaction to Lotto winnings would be "buy ScentBar"'. Tom, this truly made me laugh out loud. The same goes for me.

2:55 AM EST  
Blogger Unknown said...

While I like At the Beach 1966, I prefer Mr. Hulot's Holiday. Both are outsold by In the Library and Burning Leaves at The Crushed Violet, which is interesting because I almost didn't put the latter two on the shelves when I first opened (thinking they might frighten people a little). ATB1966 comes in around 3rd. Now I'm looking at adding a few others like Old Leather, Wet Earth, Smoky Tobacco, Beautiful Launderette - thoughts on any of these? Oh, and I agree with Katie. That sentence made me giggle, too. Like moths to a flame...

6:30 AM EST  
Blogger monicam said...

I just bought fb's of Soaked Earth and Invisible Monster. While not the friendliest of stores to buy from I am willing to forget that for the incredible Genius That Is CB. Oh, and I just ordered North Atlantic- I hope I like it! Tom, I love your reactions to things. My lotto winning would result in my buying the Vanilla FARM I am in love with. I AM a Perfume PHARMER after all. For me it's about the land and the plants. I think we will do well as partners in crime when you own The Bar. Damn, I dont know how I'm going to win the lottery because I never play. It's down to witchcraft for me I guess. CB is SOOOO f-ing brilliant. Love so much of his aesthetic of clean black and white (silver). really I couldnt believe he nailed Soaked Earth the way he did. Just for balance the wildflower honey was not honeyish to me- was way synthetic and not sft and round like real honey. Also the new bottles I would trade back for the screw lids no matter how plain I'm not afraid of spilling and leaking.

10:54 AM EST  
Blogger Flora said...

Oddly, I have never smelled a single CB fragrance, but this one sounds like my cup of tea - I like "beachy" and tropical and all that stuff, right down to the coconuts! Intrigued by the mineral note aspect of this on for sure.

11:58 PM EST  

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