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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just a Short Note

By Tom

This is still Marina's blog, but I am going to go ahead and speak for all of us. We love that people take the time to come here and read out ramblings about the subject we all love. We love it even more when you take the time to go through the purgatory that is typing in the "prove you're not a robot" to leave us a comment. That is, unless you're doing so to promote your site or store, especially when it's obvious that you did not bother to add to the discussion before doing so. We don't crash your dinner party to sell Tupperware, do we? So don't so it here.

Such comments are almost immediately marked as spam and deleted.

If you really want to promote your business, especially if you're creating a product, we would be happy to try it. If we like it, you get an honest review. Which is a lot better than a comment that will be deleted 20 minutes after you post it, isn't it?

Tom (for the gang)

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