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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Breaking News. New Scent by Les Parfums de Rosine.

A new scent has been added to Les Parfum de Rosine line, it is called Rose Feu. The new fragrance right now is only available at First in Fragrance and, apart from the rose, it seems to have "green" and "woody" notes, cardamom, bergamot, ylang ylang and magnolia. First in Fragrance describes it as a sensual scent for candlelight dinners, “warm like the colour of the cinnamon-honey and like the scent of gingerbread. “

As for when Rose Feu will be available in the States, according to extremely helpful and knowledgable Robert from Aedes, at this point it is only released in Europe, we will have to wait till next year to find out whether and when it will be launched in the US.

Rose Feu retails at First in Fragrance for EUR 68 for 50ml and EUR 90 for 100ml.

Many thanks to wonderful perfumer for finding out about this new Rosine fragrance!

*The picture is by Anne Taintor (


Blogger Marina said...

Christina, I've ordered a sample yesterday...cannotwait to try it. Lets compare notes when we do.

9:48 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Patty, I totally understand. Confusing as the description on FiF site is, it sounds great!

9:49 AM EST  

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