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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An article about Serge Lutens: Le beau sillage de Lutens by Marie-Dominique Lelièvre (L'Express)

There is an interesting article about Serge Lutens in L'Express, written by Marie-Dominique Lelièvre (in French).

Some extracts (translation is mine and thus imperfect):

"Si Lutens était un flacon de parfum - et il l'est, puisque son nom, justement, figure sur les fioles de verre - il serait le djinn qui s'échappe de l'élixir. L'esprit de l'air, le bon génie des contes arabes, parfumé au cèdre de l'Atlas."
(If Lutens were a bottle of perfume - and he is, since his name is featured on the bottles - he would be the djinn who escapes from the elixir. The spirit of the air, good genius of the Arab tales, scented with the cedar of the Atlas.)
"Mon choix change avec les saisons (...) Le week-end, en hiver, j'aime Bois Sépia, qui évoque la balade en forêt que je ne ferai pas. En été, Fleurs d'oranger ou Fleurs de citronnier me transporte dans le jardin oriental où je ne suis pas...» Mais c'est Ambre Sultan qui reste le best-seller de la marque, talonné par Fumerie Turque et Chêne."
("My choice changes with the seasons (...) On a weekend, in winter, I like Bois Sepia, which evokes strolls it in forest that I will not make. In summer, Fleurs d'oranger or Fleurs de citronnier transport me in the Eastern garden where I am not... " But it is Ambre Sultan which remains the best-seller of the line, followed by Fumerie Turque and Chêne.)

And, the answer to the question whether Chris Sheldrake will continue working with Lutens:

"Et, c'est officiel, ils continueront de travailler ensemble."
( And, it is official, they will continue to work together.)

You can find the whole article at L'Express. The photo of Lutens is from L'Express.


Blogger tmp00 said...

It's funny, but I think of Serge Lutens fragrances as having the least sillage of any line of scents I know. For the longest time I was wearing light scents like Fresh Index Cucumber Baie or Pomegranite Anise, just a few spritzes on my bare chest before dressing, and had people comment (always "god, you smell good" thanks goodness) from a couple feet away. When I wear Lutens scents, Even MKK (which I have sadly decided does not quite work on me), other people never notice unless they are seriously in my personal space while I feel like I am enveloped in scent. Like seriously in my space.

That might once again be my body chemistry; do you find that there is less of a cloud of scent around you with SL's scents?

1:15 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

I am sorry MKK doesn't work as well as it should!
I also find that Lutens's scents are quite "personal" in a sense that I don't get much sillage from most of them. With an exception of Bois et Fruits. That one does have some nice sillage (just like its momma Feminite du Bois :-)).
I am not really concerned with the lack of sillage though. As long as I can smell them, I am fine. :-)
Do you find that you do need sillage to enjoy the scent more?

8:47 AM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

No, quite the opposite. I work in a corporate environment and wouldn't want to importune too much with a cloud of scent. Plus, you never know if someone is allergic. Like you, if I can smell it, I'm happy.

I'm just surprised that SL's scents, which I find so, er, definite are so close to the body, while Fresh Index's are apparently so piercing

11:22 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

Very interesting. I was almost tempted to say, the higher the quality, the less sillage. But that would have been extremely untrue regarding some high quality scents. Most classic Guerlains for example are sillage-full, yet not piercing. Very interesing!

11:37 AM EST  

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