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Monday, March 06, 2006

Upcoming fragrance launches from L'Artisan and Diptyque

L'Artisan Parfumeur will launch a major new men's fragrance worldwide this May. The line currently markets only three "true “masculine”" scents, L'Eau du Navigateur, Méchant Loup and Voleur de Roses and according to the president and CEO Rémi Cléro, is "lacking a major masculine fragrance". The new scent, Fou d'Absinthe, will be centered aroun Absinthe and willl also have notes of angelica, blackberry bud, star anise, spices, patchouli and pine needles. It will cost €95 for a 100ml EdP and €70 for 50ml. This will be the first fragrance to come in the new packaging; the signature octagonal bottle will become seven-faceted and more angular, and will be topped with a clear glass stopper for EdTs and a golden one for EdPs. The color codes will also change, although the packaging will remains black with a stamped logo and a colored strip.
Also in May, Diptyque will launch Eau de Lierre, a unisex scent based on the ivy note. The fragrance, wich have has been created by Diptyque founder Yves Coueslant, will have "a heart of ivy and spice, with other woody and musk notes intended to evoke the woodlands surrounding the French capital."
Both artciles are from


Blogger tmp00 said...

I was just at Barney's today (road testing Ambre Sultan and Chergui: Ambre Sultan won, but it's a one-spritz-to-the-chest-before-dressing scent on me) and the nice lady gave me a paper card of a new L'Artisan scent called Piment Brulant. I got a hit of green and habanero peppers, chocolate and poppy, with the drydown being lighter habanero, clove and amber.

I'm going to have to drop by and road test it, for me a cardboard tester doesn't really work (I hated Ambre Sultan on paper), but I'd love to know what you think of it.

If I like it, I may get it at Scent Bar ( They have the smaller size for nearly half price, and if I don't want to move into my car, I should get a grip on scent buys; especially ones that are the olfactory equivalent of stunt-casting. :-)

11:23 PM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

L'Artisan's Piment Brulant and Poivre Piquant are always mixed up in my head. I remember liking one and rather disliking the other. Not much help, am I..

Aha! Located my notes. Piment Brulant is the one I liked (though not as much as Safran Troublant). I remember now: it is fruity-peppery-groumand but not sweet. Very enjoyable!

And of course, you are right, everything must be tested on skin!

11:33 PM EST  

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