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Friday, May 19, 2006

Perfume Review: Rich Hippie Psychedelic

Rich Hippie create perfume by combining organically farmed or wildcrafted extracts of flowers and plants and 100% natural "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol distilled from grapes organically grown in the wine regions of California. The company professes that their scents are safe both for their wearer’s health and for the environment. I have tried several of Rich Hippie fragrances and each time I have been impressed by the richness and smoothness of their blends (you can find my review of Rich Hippie here). These are not complex, sophisticated fragrances, but I find them to be well composed, full of character and quite enjoyable.

Psychedelic, with notes of vanilla, ginger and orange peel, is a sumptuous, bright scent that has a delightful boozy-happy feel about it. It starts with a rich, warm note of vanilla; in a short while orange joins the blend and is almost immediately followed by ginger. I have been known to complain about the short-lived nature of ginger notes in fragrances, especially when paired with vanilla. In the case of Psychedelic, ginger stays quite perceptible till the very end adding a little sweetly-peppery twist to what otherwise could have been just another creamsicle-like scent. Make no mistake, this is still a sweet, gourmand composition, but it has a nice piquant kick and, without being overly foody, it makes me think of some wonderful, exotic sweet-and-spicy dessert, perhaps something from Thai cuisine. As I mentioned above, this is a rather simple scent, it isn't full of nuance and does not undergo much development, but its blend is very smooth and its notes are luscious. It is a joyful, pleasurable fragrance and I have a very strong suspicion that there might be a bottle of Psychedelic in my future.

Psychedelic is available at, $85.00 for 1/2oz or $185 for 2oz.

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Blogger Marina said...

And now I love it to. :-) I am thanking you, my wallet does not :-)

9:47 AM EDT  
Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Afraid to try anything else by RH. *sulks*

Although this one is much cheaper than the others, isn't it?

11:31 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

What happened? Was something really vile on you, a scrubber?
I know Psychedelic costs the same as Rich Hippie and Purple Haze...are the others more expensive than $85 for 1/2oz? Yikes :-)

11:38 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

OK,I researched their prices some more. Most scents seem to be in the $85 for 1/2oz, $185 for 2oz price range. The Kiss is $95 for 1/2oz. Wild Thing that Robin reviewed on Now Smell This is $255 for 1/2oz...and Kalachakra is $525 for 1/2oz!

11:46 AM EDT  
Blogger Caitlin Shortell said...

Wow, these sound good, but soooo expensive for the freewheeling style and informal packaging. I want to try but I spent all my money at Malle and Guerlain!

5:56 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

I have the same problem with this line. I am adding Lutens, dior and Hermes to your list :-)

6:03 PM EDT  
Anonymous martha said...

it also looks super nice ! i'll definetly order some testers soon :)

1:39 PM EDT  

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