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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two New Scents in Perfume d'Empire Line: Cuir Ottoman and Iskander

Parfum d'Empire, the maker of my beloved Ambre Russe, introduces two new scents in their collection of fragrances:

Cuir Ottoman, an "irridescent leather", which reveals the erotism and the mystery of the East. This perfume is "an olfactive print of Ottoman Empire and its Harems". The fragrance has notes of iris, leather, styrax, cistus, balsams tolu and benzoin.

Iskander, a "luminous chypre", which conveys the ardor, youth and beauty of Greece. This perfume is "an olfactive print of the Greek Empire and its ancient Thermal baths". The notes are citron, tangerine, tarragon, rosemary, musk and amber.

Both perfumes will be unveiled on June 29, 2006. (from the Parfum d'Empire press release)

Personally, I don't think I will be able to eat or sleep or rest till I get to try Cuir Ottoman.


Blogger lilybp said...

Oh, no! Oh, no! Cuir Ottoman! Desperate desire! Oh, no! Oh, no!
*that's all*

10:58 AM EDT  
Blogger lilybp said...

Addendum: where are they available? Iskander sounds pretty good too. . .

11:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

That's what I felt when I read that, desperate, urgent, burning desire LOL

I don't think they are available anywhere yet, they will only be unveiled to the press (?) on June 29. I hope FiF will get them soon after.

11:51 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They both sound divine, but I agree, the Cuir Ottoman is going to be a lust object for many! My nose is twitching already...

2:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Oh, mine is all a-twitter too :-)

9:47 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, your blogs is really very nice!

8:46 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

Thank you very much for your kind words!

9:04 AM EDT  

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