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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not so Intense...Masculinity by Intense

By Tom

Out of the blue this company contacted Marina about trying their new men's cologne, written of on the box as "The Male Pheromone Cologne". She threw it my way to test.

The box is someone's idea of Manly with it's large white M on a black base. Open the front and one is confronted with a loooong paragraph listing notes and telling is how bold, sexy, intense, erotic and more manly than the front line of the Raiders fresh from the buffet at Chuck's House of Beef and Steroids. French basil, West Indian clove, Asian mandarin and Sicilian bergamot are the listed opening notes, amber, black pepper, cedar and leather (oddly not given provenance- are they from someplace hopelessly uncool?) middle notes and the base is Italian white musk, Australian sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. Then added into the globe-trotting ingredients is something called N10Z (pronounced "Intense"), which is apparently a pheremone meant to meant to attract other men.

Reading this you would think that it must smell like an earthquake hit ScentBar. I'm afraid that they hype in this case is actually doing no favor to the juice: the scent itself is a very mild, pleasant little thing, much in the vein of L'Eau Serge Lutens. A nice skin scent that I would actually consider buying if I didn't have to tell people what it was. Because people might look at the packaging and think I was serious.

I haven't worn this out of the house, much less through West Hollywood so I can't write anything as to whether men flocked to me. I do kind of wonder exactly to whom this is supposed to be marketed: I would think that the sort of gay man who wants to smell of a "bold and sexy fragrance" that's "erotic, sensual and distinctively masculine" would already have, like this one, long ago discovered Uncle Serge. Or Malle, or Guerlain or even Goutal. I daresay that even the most enlightened straight man might not want to find out whether the pheromones actually work..

$55 for 60ML at their website. My bottle is from their PR Dept, who will no doubt wish they hadn't.



Blogger tmp00 said...

PS- I wore it for a few days and made a point of shopping in West Hollywood, at Gelson's and Pavillions on Santa Monica Blvd and Bristol Farms on Beverly. It could be argued that I need intensive pilates, lipo and perhaps lunimeers before the pheromones would help, but I didn't notice even a blip on the gaydar.

Still a nice scent, and a decent alternative to the Serge Water. The marketing however...

12:42 AM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

LOL, love your take on this one! I have to agree, anything from Uncle Serge (or Montale, for that matter) is bound to get more attention from just about anyone, whether the wearer wants it or not.

It is odd that all the heart notes are "orphaned" in the publicity materials, while everything else is given an exotic origin. Did they run out of those little push pins for their map? :-D

12:57 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


The thing is IT'S A NICE SCENT! It's so buried in the hype that we're expecting it to be MKK on extacy. If they dropped the hype they'd be better off.

1:18 AM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

well all i can say is that if its made to attract men i hope they put it "BIG" on the label. Cuz it actually looks pretty good in the bottle but ouch! i don't want to be the one to be giving out the wrong msg in the streets... specially in South Miami Beach! Hope they create one to attract and put WOMEN OUT OF CONTROL when they smell me! ;)


2:43 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I think it's only sold in certain stores and online where it's fairly obvious to whom they wish to sell.

7:10 PM EDT  
Anonymous March said...

It's probably Cleveland leather.

Hee. I'm glad you reported on your test drive, sorry they weren't falling you around like dogs, though...

10:17 PM EDT  

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