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Monday, April 11, 2011

L.A. Confidential: Tom Ford Lavender Palm

Tom Ford, whose name is synonymous with chic, American glamour, has recently opened his flagship store, Tom Ford Beverly Hills. Ford, designer and acclaimed movie producer; his directorial debut, A Single Man, put him on the Hollywood landscape and garnered a Golden Globe nomination for best original score and two Independent Spirit Awards- solidifies his love for the L.A. aesthetic with a new fragrance, Lavender Palm. The perfume copy says, Ford was inspired by, “all of my favorite things about Los Angeles- the sun, the architecture, the lingering decadence of old Hollywood.” The boutique features his first ever dedicated womenswear floor as the perfect launching pad for this sexy, exclusive scent.

Opening with two types of lavender, Lavender Palm mingles the bright lavandin with old school lavender absolute to create a fragrance that is a modern version of a classic, unisex and somewhat straightforward fragrance. This scent is a departure in a sense from his hyper-sexualized clothing design paradigm where women are bold, sexy yet feminine and men, well they are unabashedly masculine. Other notes in this ménage include bergamot, lime blossom, vetiver and the somewhat haunting oleander- known for its toxic, fragrant beauty.

Lavender Palm, available exclusively at Tom Ford Beverly Hills until September (and then it will be unleashed on the rest of us glamourophiles world-wide) comes in two collector-worthy shapes and sizes. Both the 50ml and 250ml are metallic and illusive, like the dazzling city of angels itself, but the larger version is clearly a nod to Ford’s love of architecture. For the $950 price tag, you can pretend you own a piece of the glittering L.A. skyline and the long-lasting scent that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

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Blogger Carrie Meredith said...

Love this review, Ashleigh! I love lavender, and I'm looking forward to sampling this.

12:13 AM EDT  
Blogger arlene20 said...

Sounds divine, but $950? Seriously?!?!

9:30 AM EDT  
Anonymous Flora said...

$950?! REALLY? I can't iamgine who is supposed to buy this, as nice as it sounds.

4:11 PM EDT  
Blogger Taffy said...

The man looks pretty good too.

1:53 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really liked this review.

6:49 AM EDT  
Blogger Tammy said...

I am not one to get huffy about pricing, but I have to say that nothing in the ingredients of this one seem to justify the price. I mean seriously, lavender?? I'm sure there are varying qualities of lavender oil, but I can't imagine any even approaching the amount needed to drive a one thousand dollar perfume.

11:09 AM EDT  
Anonymous Barbye said...

Great post, liked it....

10:06 AM EDT  
Anonymous Darla said...

Seen sample of this listed on E-bay. May have to check it out, it does sound good.

11:32 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go in strawberrynet.It costs cheaper ;-).It's amazing

1:43 AM EDT  

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