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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Technique Indiscrete “For Them” – A Fragrant Effort To Help Japan

I wrote about this perfume on my blog when it was first announced. Now that I received my bottle (the Number Three of 1000, I am proud to say) I want to review it here, for I hope to reach a larger audience that way. And “For Them” certainly deserves a large audience.

Technique Indiscrete is a Parisian niche-brand founded by Belgian perfumer Libertin Louison. Louison started out in Fashion and then found his true calling in Perfume; he was trained at Cinqiéme Sens in Paris. His line includes perfumes, candles and cosmetics.

Soon after the catastrophe in Japan, Libertin decided to dedicate 1000 bottles of perfume, originally created for another cause that fell through, to the financial aid of Japan. 100% of profits from those bottles go to the survivors of the coastal town of Minami Sanriku that disappeared in the Tsunami.

For Them is a lavender cologne done in a classic, old-style way. It opens with a strong blast of lavender that is not harsh like lavender can sometimes be, but smooth and well-rounded. It soon softens considerably into a comforting, calming scent that reminds me of vintage lavender water. One whiff of it transports me to visions of fresh air billowing white curtains, lavender-fields in the sun, fresh linen, and elegant fin-de-siècle parties in the countryside.

For Them provides a short, but intense trip into a delightful past. It is a romantic perfume for me, very sophisticated in its simplicity, elegant and refined.

Perfect for men and women For Them is a lovely surprise. I bought it unsniffed of course, since the fragrance itself was not my first concern here, but I couldn’t be happier with how it smells.

I would promote this here in any case, since I believe it is a great idea worth supporting, but I can honestly say, I like this perfume a lot and would wear it even if it did not have the added benefit of being a way to show help and support to the people of Japan. I have nothing like it in my (extensive) collection, and so I think it is a lovely and worthwhile addition.

Of the thousand bottles 927 are still unsold, let us change that!

On the Technique Indiscrete website there is a counter, I’d love to see it go down further with the help of PST readers. At 35€ for 50 ml it is not expensive at all, but this is money truly well spent!

Libertin Louison said “On est un seul peuple.” – We are one people!

We live this truth in the perfume community, where we have formed friendships and relationships regardless of geographical realities.

Please step up and support this cause Libertin Louison initated.

It feels great being able to help while smelling gorgeous!

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Blogger womo531 said...

I'm glad someone's arrived! I ordered mine a month ago and Louison finally got back to me to say that a whole batch of them got held up at TNT because someone didn't fill the forms out right =P I hope to get mine soon too!


5:01 AM EDT  
Blogger Karin said...

Yes - I've been waiting for my bottle, too. Louison told me the same. Looking forward to it! Glad to hear you've received yours. Such a great idea...

9:21 AM EDT  
Blogger arch.memory said...

I'm with Monica & Karin: I ordered mine the day after they released it, and it still hasn't arrived! I'm glad to hear to hear I'm not alone, and that yours did arrive. I was getting afraid it's one of those post-catastrophe scam targeted at the perfume community; it means there's hope yet..

9:26 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monica, Karin and Ashraf,
I have received my bottle only last week, the explanation I got from Libertin Louison was that the cologne still had to macerate, a process that can't be rushed obviously, and that is why they started sending them out only recently.
I would have wished for a more transparent communication, but in the end, it is for a great cause, so I can overlook such things more easily. :)

2:04 PM EDT  
Blogger Karin said...

I received a shipping tracking number today, so looks like the package is on its way. Yay!

12:34 PM EDT  

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