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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty, Pretty: Bud Parfums Ugly Bastard

By Tom

Donna covered several of these and was kind enough to send me a bit of "Ugly Bastard"  The idea of it, well I'll just quote from the website:

"He has all the signs of a weather beaten life. Musty wood shavings with a dash of fir around the wrinkles of a hard worker. Dark chocolate, rum and spice which makes him actually quite nice. Laughter amongst the sweat and curses. Not such a romantic but dependable, reliable and eventually he gets the job done.

You know you like him, (even though he is an ugly bastard).

I certainly can't call this ugly.  In fact it sort of reminds me a bit of Borneo 1834, a scent that I very much like.  This is a sunnier take on that.  Which I find rather beguiling.  Two scents featuring chocolate that I like?  Who saw that coming?

They do ship to America as far as I can tell by their website but I think with shipping it would be about the same as Borneo, which is available at the usual suspects in America right now.  I'd be interested in trying some of the others, as well as some of the other perfumers I've heard of from Down Under, such as Fleurage.

Photo Credit: Bud Parfums

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Blogger Tama said...

Sounds kinda yummy!

You might try the Tommi Sooni line, which is from Oz but is carried by Luckyscent. Interesting.

2:33 AM EST  
Blogger marsha said...

Sometimes their curses can be charming!

9:34 AM EST  
Anonymous Roddy Jones said...

I like that they try to use natural ingredients where possible. I may have to try a couple of their scents to add to my collection.

1:46 PM EST  
Blogger Jeckab said...

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