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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This 'N That

By Tom

Okay, this time it was just laziness.  I've been running around doing stuff and just didn't have time for more than to do a cursory dash into ScentBar.  But I did see that they've got Caron there now.  They have all of the Paris stuff on the site and had a bottle of Pour Un Homme in the store.  I love that scent, a classic men's combo of lemon, rosemary and lavender, but I can get it online for a lot less than retail, sooo.

The Paris ones I can't wait to try.  I hope the reformulations aren't as dire as my Scent Twin has reported..

Ia anyone else getting into "American Horror Story"?  I've become hooked.  It's just so, so bizarre!  Basically if you haven't seen it yet it's the story of a Psychiatrist and his wife and daughter who hope to patch up their marriage (he cheated with a patient of his, she had a bad miscarriage) by heading west to LA and to a big brick house that filled with chestnut paneling, Tiffany glass chandeliers, and the ghost of everyone who's ever died in it.  There are other spooks, human and inhuman and it's hard to keep track of who's actually living and who isn't.  It also has Dylan McDermott running around naked a lot, and Jessica Lange swallowing scenery whole (imagine Blanche Dubois as Baby Jane Hudson) so no bad thing there.  

I did find that some of the professional Critics were showing their age when reviewing it.  Most noticed the whistling kid was lifted from "Kill Bill" but didn't tumble to the references to where Tarantino got the tune.  "Twisted Nerve" came out in the early 70's and featured a crazy kid with a bad home life and a sister with Downs Syndrome who fixates on a pretty teenager and isn't truthful about himself.  Even the actors look similar: 

Twisted Nerve
American Horror Story

Co-incidence? I think not. Have you watched? What do you think? (SPOILER)

I think anyone we haven't seen outside the house or grounds is dead. So Constance and Burned Guy- alive. Realtor, not so much (edit- just saw the 7th episode.  Realtor in seen in Brentwood.  So she's alive).  Jury is out on Violet.

Have you been watching?  What do you think?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could add something clever, but I gave up TV a few years ago, the first time Donald Trump fired an apprentice. A few weeks ago I thought I might be missing something, so I turned the TV on and saw people bidding each other up to own the contents of abandoned storage locker. I will not "pay the lady." But I do watch Boardwalk Empire and I may be hooked on that. We'll see.

I was in LA in late October to do a book signing, and stopped by Scent Bar, so I just missed the Carons. Pfui. I would have loved to give them a try. I thought I was buying Xerjoff 1861, but spraying and dabbing have different results. I bought Kurkdjian's Absolute Pour Le Matin--I'm loving lighter fragrances. It's wonderful on me, keeps unfolding for a full 8 hours. And I love that half hour of faint violet. Ahhhh.

2:38 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love and adore American Horror. What's not to like? Stellar cast, excellent special effects and pure, undiluted . . . well . . . . horror. Couldn't think of a better word. I have no idea why anyone watches "reality" TV when there is such an abundance and variety of truly great viewing now, including Boardwalk Empire, love Steve Buscemi, but enough TV.

I saw the extraits by Caron on the Luckyscent site last night and was immediately drawn to Poivre, until I scanned over Parfum Sacre and remembered giving away a full bottle of the EdP because I loathed its treacly, cinnabun mediocrity. I'll await the reviews and even then . . . unlikely.

7:35 AM EST  
Anonymous Maureen said...

My daughter got me watching American really is bazzar. She thinks everyone in the house is dead too. That maid is really freaky! And I can't figure out if they are making up Jessica Lange to look worse in the present, and she really looks as she is depicted in the past, or they make her up to look younger in the past, and jeez, they do a good job, because she looks great in the past. Probably a little of both. Anyway, think I'm hooked. Wonder what fragrance her character would wear????

11:25 AM EST  
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