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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shocking: CK One Shock for Him/Her

By Tom

We've discussed many time CK One and the various flankers that have come since. So seeing a new one in my local Sephora pretty much was met with a big yawn.

However, shock of shocks, I actually found myself liking them. My first encounter was with the hers (the Sephora at the Beverly Center only had the hers for some reason); it's a sweet little floral with a little chocolate note to it and some of the cereal element that I love in Lostmarc'h Lann-Ael. Just at the point where I get sick of it (about three hours) it's gone.

Macy's next door had the mens, but ask for a sample at Macy's and they'll look at you as if you suddenly your request was made in Urdu, or perhaps interpretive dance. So it was off to Sephora in Century City.

Shock Him is a lot more conventional: a freezer-blast opening citrus and green that warms to a rather staid clean 'n fresh ambery patchouli. It's something you will no doubt be smelling on the young guy who brings the mail in your office. On me it's also gone in about 3 hours.

Also on the shelf at Sephora was the original CK One, a scent that I liked back in the day. I don't know if it's the fault of reformulation or my advancing years, but testing it was a bit like running into a person you had a mad crush on 20 years ago. You look at them without the chemical attraction that made you weak when in your presence, and you wonder what it was that was so fascinating about them in the first place. CK One, we're done.

These are both $40 for 1.7oz, $50 for 3.4oz and him has a whopping 6.7 ounce bottle for $65. Available practically everywhere. I tested at Sephora.



Blogger Tama said...

These were nicely surprising, yes? We were having psychic link this week - my review for these went up on Tuesday!

I am contemplating a bottle of for her for warmer weather - simple and girly - easy for work.

3:15 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...haha...I also liked them somehow...thought this must be the cold that wrecked my senses...
was a ck be wearer and still like it in a "revisiting the past" manner, recently added some giggling to bying the washing powder..

I like your blog:-))

8:02 AM EDT  
Anonymous mals86 said...

I rather liked Shock for Him, and bought a small bottle for my thirteen-year-old son. I figure it's about right for that age demographic - and way upscale from Axe.

10:37 AM EDT  

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