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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back To the Closet Again: Parfumerie Generale Aomassai

I promise, one of these days I'll review something new.

I've been doing some cleaning and running across decants of stuff and this was one of them. I wrote about it six years ago when I first started writing for this site (Can't imagine you haven't asked me to shut up yet..) and my scent twin had a great take on it as well.

The notes from LuckyScent are as follows: "caramel, toasted hazelnuts, licorice, bitter orange, spices, wenge wood, vetiver, balsam wood, incense, dried grasses, resins"

There is something about Aomassai that just smells wrong. Reading the notes you would think it's sweeter than it is: it's sweet, but the iris and woods cut the gourmand portion of the program considerably. What isn't listed at LuckyScent is a very human element to the scent that is that part for me that makes it so very deliciously wrong. Aomassai is Sweet and Sour Sex. While I rarely leave the house wearing it. I am the proud owner of a full bottle to back up my decant.

$105 for 50ML at LuckyScent, where I bought my bottle back in the day. My original decant came from The Perfumed Court; now available on Surrender to Chance.

Image from LuckyScent


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