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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Smells

By Tom

It's been a busy week here, with me doing some long overdue Spring Cleaning, that involved realizing that I have to spend a few weekends seriously downsizing. I have got too much crap. Of course, I did rediscover a bunch of things I hadn't smelled in a while in a while that will give me a bunch of future "from the closet" posts. But for this week between cleaning and racking up miles in a Chevy Volt I was lucky enough to test (LOVED IT) my sniffage was more cleaning products and air..

The newer cleaning products that are supposed to be environmentally friendly are less scented than the old ones. They will however, if mixed incorrectly (like bleach and dishwashing soap) still create poison gasses. Avoid poison gasses. Really.

So, random smells. The ones for this week were jasmine and rosemary from the bushes in the neighborhood now that the heat wave has somewhat migrated to LA. The smell of sea air as I drove up the coast to Santa Barbara, a drive I love. The smell of the bottle of Bvlgari Blv I broke while cleaning and love a lot less, and thankfully won't be living with long. I hope.

But the big one for this week was passing a guy on Ocean Avenue who'd clearly been surfing or something involving exercise in the Pacific. As we passed closed I could smell him and it was divinely sexy: salty ocean and fresh man musk. Twenty minutes later and I would have held my nose and paid to send him through a car wash, but at that moment I was all Mrs. Robinson..

So what have you been smelling this week?

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Blogger Kelley said...

There is a mystery smell in my house! I have been smelling a sour smell crossed with a mildewy smell. I know this isn't a sexy story or anything but I can't find it. Sometimes it sucks to have a great nose because now I am obsessed. I have located the area of the house but not what it is. If you could have seen me you would have laughed. I smelled chairs and tables, I smelled the dogs (just in case). I even thought it might be me...nope. I crawled on the floor smelling everything in reach. I can't find it! I am now avoiding the area.

12:16 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelley, I know what you mean - sometimes it is a curse to have a sensitive nose. Years ago I kept smelling fish in my car, and it sent me mad, but nobody else could smell it. Very luckily I mentioned it to someone at work who said that they got that odour when they turned on their electric fire; something made me take the car to the garage, where they found an electrical fault. Now, if it hadn't been for my nose, who knows what might have happened? Since then I have read that fizzing electrical components can indeed smell fishy.

Tom I know what you mean, too ......


4:03 AM EDT  
Anonymous said...

cowania mexicana along the grand canyon rim.. after a nice rain of course.. i need this plant in my yard

4:10 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I had that happen and it drove me bats until It finally lust went away. Thank g-d

7:12 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I'll keep that in mind- I don't want any electrical stuff. Had a car fire once. Not fun.

7:13 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


how do they smell? I've never sniffed them that I know of

7:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous Mel said...

My mom will use my nose when I am home visiting to help her ferret out where weird smells are coming from. I've been diving behind cabinets, into the back of the freezer, and under the car exhaust for her. :)

One of my favorite smells is also when I go home, but for a different reason. My parents live in Louisiana, and have a small courtyard next to a breezeway between their garage and the back door to the house. In the courtyard are two very large gardenias and often my mom plants nicotianas. When the flowers are all blooming, you walk out at night and stand in the syrupy humid air, and your are just bombarded with the flowers' fragrance. There is also often a visual treat of a small lizard scurrying up a wall, or hearing crickets or frogs.

11:33 AM EDT  

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