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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Agar Musk by Ramon Monegal Fragrances

By Tom

Another new set of scents (14 of them!) that have landed at Luckyscent. It's still been a bit warm here so I admit that although I have samples of three, I only really wore the heck out of my favorite: Agar Musk.

You're shocked, right?

It's a perfect blend of the salty oud, agar, spiced leather, vetiver and lovely skin musk. The rooty vetiver is I think the ingredient that really makes it for me. I think that there's an inherent cleanness to vetiver that here adds a bit of polish to all that slightly drrty musky oudiness.

I love it. At $185 for 50ML, however it will be a long distance love affair.

At Luckyscent, where I asked for and received a sample.
Image: Luckyscent


Blogger Flora said...

I have been curious about this line - now that I know how pricey it is I am forewarned - don't fall in love! (Of course, that won't stop me if I happen to acquire samples...)

This does sound good, and nice for summer.

1:13 AM EDT  
Blogger Parfumista said...

The Ramón Monegal line I think is one of the best and interesting lines introduced for several years. I'm just going through the line and have reviewed some of them and more will follow, The fragrances are well made and each of them deserves a own review IMHO.

5:38 AM EDT  
Anonymous Brvfred said...

This sounds really interesting to me, as does the whole line.
I enjoy your reviews Tom, some of them crack me up!

12:31 PM EDT  

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