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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Foodie Sunday: The Rain is falling, the house is quiet, and all I want are last night's leftovers!

By Beth

Oh my god, what a gorgeous gray morning. It's finally raining in northeast Ohio after a summer that was probably the hottest and driest on record. It's been storming on and off for a week, but last we snuggled up together with our windows open and the ceiling fan spinning and I woke to a cool wet breeze that was absolutely intoxicating. I'm fond of teasing my husband somewhere around the middle of August that I can smell autumn creeping in just around the corner and generally he tosses up his hands and says "NO YOU CAN"T" but having an overly sensitive nose like most of you I definitely CAN and I know that probably all of you can too! But this year I just couldn't and it kept making me sad in a way that only the marrow of my bones can explain. I'm sure that you can imagine my joy at waking up and have the crisp windfall apple breezes of early fall come blasting through my windows! Maple syrup, coffee and pancakes from the neighbors house next door came wafting through as well and that's when I began to get really hungry.

We were still snuggling when rather uncharacteristically our son Alex came bounding up the stairs. I say "uncharacteristically" because it was before noon! He lives with us right now while he's going to school. All I wanted to do just then was stay curled up against the yummy warm man in my bed, but Alex definitely had something else on his mind. "Eggs mom?" and when I said I would consider it I was hit with a relentless barrage of requests, designed to force me out of bed and begin cooking. I must have stayed under the covers a little to long because the next comment from both of them was, "Well fine ..if you're not getting up Dad and I will go GET eggs." Now, you have to understand that this was designed to get me to become so jealous that someone else would cook for them that I would instantly jump out of bed and fire up the sauté pan…a rare miscalculation on both their parts.

I said rather nonchalantly "Ok, that's fine" and dove back under the covers as I definitely had a plan. So the two of them went off happily in search of crispy bacon and some father - son bonding time and I stayed in bed luxuriating long enough to hear the door slam and then went dashing for the refrigerator where I knew that real treasures awaited. Last nights supper was at a wonderful restaurant in town called RED. RED is a wonderful Cleveland steakhouse and although I love a good cut of meat I generally like the way that I cook it better so I don't order it there. But they have one of the loveliest wine lists in town and the best side dishes to be found anywhere. We sat happily on their patio with a couple of glasses of bloody red zinfandel and Jim had the steak tartare and a well earned cigar. I opted for a plate of their creamed spinach and their incredibly fragrant truffled mash potatoes. In true steak house form they give you easily enough for three meals and that my friends is what was waiting for me to eat this morning!

So here I sit all alone listening to Lisa Loeb on Spotify and singing at the tops of my lungs, drinking a hot cup of coffee and enjoying the loveliest plate of spinach and potatoes….truly the best leftovers ever with the exception of my mothers meatloaf , the secrets of which she took with her to the great kitchen beyond the veil. The rain is still falling, the thunder is rumbling, the cats are fed and happy and the windows are all flung open wide and the breezes are so fragrant, smoky sweet and cool.

I've got a mountain of perfume samples to sniff and Zoe curled up at my feet. You are all here with me and my life at this moment just couldn't be any better.

So tell me….what are your favorite leftovers and how do you like to eat them?

Intending that all of you are having a marvelous day,

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Blogger Jon Hole said...

Like you site,lurve your sentiments

"Foodie Sunday: The Rain is falling, the house is quiet, and all I want are last night's leftovers!"
found hear researching saffron,

Jon the chef :)

7:14 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the last few weeks I have found gorgeous bunches of rainbow carrots and small Japanese sweet potatoes at the co-op. Everything there is local and organic, so I know my vegetables haven't traveled far from the field into my kitchen. I made a pureed soup with these and a little bit of browned shallots. To finish it, I added a 1/2 can of coconut milk and grated some fresh nutmeg on top. While it was delicious and fragrant on the night I made it, heated up the next day it was heavenly. The flavors of the fresh vegetables with the creaminess of the coconut milk and just the farthest hint of nutmeg are a perfect transition from summer to fall (you have to understand that here in San Francisco "summer to fall" means from cold foggy windy days to our indian summer of crisp clear days when we finally get to see some sun!). I too can smell fall in the air here. It's a subtle shift from the smell of the warmed chaparral to something less herbaceous with more of the Laurel and Manzanita trees present. Leaving on a road trip today along Hwy 1 down the coast of my beloved state, I'll get to smell a lot more of the California coastal hills. Thank you for sharing your morning ;enjoy the rest of the day!

8:59 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your life at that moment sounds perfect!
My fave reheat is Savoury Mince. Do you have it where you are? Minced beef done like a bolognaise sauce but you add small diced carrots, potatoes, broccoli stalks, peas, corn and parsnip. When it's almost ready you dump in some Woostershire Sauce and some extra pepper to make it zing.
For reheats we have it on toast. YUM!!!
Portia xx

9:31 AM EDT  
Blogger Scentabulous said...

Beth ... Perfection ... Your life at the moment you wrote this piece and also where it brought me when I read it. Thank you dear fragrant one.

7:06 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely description, full of atmosphere. And like you, I am rather fond of eating leftover potatoes the next day, especially pommes dauphinoise (with loads of garlic) and roast spuds. My husband used to recoil in horror at my strange breakfast habit, but now we fight over the last scraps!

3:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Stacey said...

Late comment, but as a central Ohioan, I completely agree with how exciting it was to have our cool mornings back finally! I was delighted to step outside and find it chilly on Saturday, and your leftovers sounded amazing. Some favorite leftovers for me would be spaghetti, which I think I almost prefer reheated, crazy as it sounds, and cheesy potatoes.

I always look forward to your weekly posts, especially in the fall!

9:51 PM EDT  

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