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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magic Mushroom: Bruno Acampora Musc

By Tom

Katie Puckrik made a special guest appearances at ScentBar over the past few weeks, and of course I had to drop by and say "hi". She's exactly as she appears online: warm, funny and super-savvy about scents. Seeing her again was a pleasure.

Musc by Bruno Acampora was also a pleasure. LuckyScent waxes rhapsodic about it, writing of it as a "dramatic, untamed, sensuous musk that will get you noticed when you walk into the room and make the object of your desire weak in the knees". Well, okay.

Being a musk lover, I can't say it made me weak. but I did really love it. It's not as dirty as MKK, and certainly not as frighten-the-horses as JAR Fermes tes Yeux. The list of notes from LuckyScent are as follows: Musk, Rose, Violet, Vanilla, Cloves, Amber, Sandalwood.

The opening I get is mushrooms. Really good ones, like shiitake or chanterelles. You might be saying to yourself "I don't want to smell like mushrooms". Trust me, you do. It's delicious, and when it wears down it becomes a truly great musk. The lasting power is fantastic, so much so that if you get it on a sweater you'd better get out the woolite if you plan on trying to wear another scent. But you might not want to do that.

I can't wait to go back and try the oil..

$135 for 50ML, at LuckyScent, where I asked for a received my sample.

Image: Wikipedia Commons


Blogger Tammy said...

I have yet to try this one as I am not a muskie, but I love the line. Prima T is one of my top five. I'm a big fan of oils, but will definitely be sampling the EDPs at some point. And I'll make sure Musc is one of them!

5:00 PM EST  
Blogger Flora said...

I had not heard of this - not too many 'shroom perfumes around! I will definitely try this if I get the chance.

1:37 AM EST  
Blogger Fifth Ave Rolex Man said...

I have worn the MUSC Essence for 15+ years now. It's my Fave scent along with the Iranzol by Bruno Acampora. I have even ventured to Napoli, Italy direct to the source twice!

8:02 PM EST  
Blogger Sujaan said...

Ok, my interest is definitely peaked. You are right, I was thinking, i don't want to smell like mushrooms...but maybe after smelling this I will find that I do.

3:09 AM EST  

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