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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moon Bloom by Hiram Green Perfumes

By Tom

Out of the blue a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Netherlands-based natural perfumer Hiram Green, who offered to let us sample his new scent Moon Bloom. In an email exchange he told me his story. Raised in Canada, he eventually relocated to London, where he had a store called Scent Systems, which specialized in niche fragrance. But he always wanted to create his own line. Closing his store and relocating to Gouda in the Netherlands, he has debuted his scent, Moon Bloom. He wrote:

"Moon Bloom, my debut fragrance is a tuberose themed eau de parfum. I choose tuberose because of its floral and un-floral qualities. I decided to bring out the fresh floral characteristics of tuberose by blending it with jasmine absolute and ylang ylang. There are some accent milky notes and spices alone with a rich resinous base. My aim was to create a soft and romantic fragrance that let the tuberose absolute shine through from start to finish.

I find mixing fragrance very much like mixing paints. Although my days of Art College are long gone, I get great pleasure in working with my hands doing something creative."

So how is it? It's great. A lovely tuberose with jasmine and ylang-ylang. That reads like it could clear a room, but it's extremely wearable. I love scents like Fracas, but they're tricky. One drop too much and it's like you're being beaten by blooms. (I went to a showing of "Sex and the City" at 10am on a Sunday and an audience member was releasing his or her inner Samantha with a heaping helping of Fracas. Which does not mix with the smell of movie popcorn at 10am, trust me) Others are just a bit too wan and timid, like Madonna's interesting (but ultimately failed) Truth or Dare.

Moon Bloom manages what I'd thought impossible: a tuberose scent that's super-sexy but also eminently wearable- even by a white-flowerphobe. The scent has a green and milky aspect to it that smells a bit like coconut water- not pulpy, very light. The tuberose stays throughout the middle and the spicy-gingerbready drydown. Lasting power is excellent, especially for a botanical- even with a heatwave I was getting 6-8 hours out of it.

I've always written when I review a tuberose scent that I like them and appreciate them but would never wear them. I think I might have found my tuberose.

Moon Bloom is so far only available at his website, €135.00 for 50ML in the cute bottle with the pump or €25.00 for a 5ML spray. Both are refillable. We'll see if other stores pick up the scent. Aedes and LuckyScent? Halooooooo... I received my sample from the perfumer. Their Facebook page is here.

Image: Hiram Green Facebook Page


Blogger rosarita said...

I am not a fan of tuberose but I've been exploring white florals this summer to break out of my dark woodsy comfort zone. My tastes are similar to yours, so this sounds very promising. Hopefully a sample will be available sometime. Hello, Surrender to Chance...

8:04 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds a bit tasteful and discrete for me Tom but I can think of a few people that it would be PERFECT for.
Portia xx

10:23 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


It's really a lovely scent.

2:30 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I'd give it a try. You might really like it.

2:31 AM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

Now this really got my attention! You know me, the White Floral Queen, and how much I love tubey! It would be great to have one I could actually wear to work instead of saving it for my leisure time. Moon Bloom sounds really wonderful!

1:04 AM EDT  

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