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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Alyssa Harad Reads at Scent Bar

By Tom

When I got the invite to (finally) meet Alyssa at ScentBar where she was going to read from her book "Coming to My Senses" I immediately marked my calendar. Not only because it's a brilliant book (it is) but also because Alyssa had been a contributor to PST for a long time. I'm assuming that Marina had the pleasure last year in NYC of meeting her, and I wasn't going to miss my chance.

There was a lively Q&A with Los Angeles writer Denise Hamilton, followed by Alyssa reading a couple of chapters and showing us some of the scents she had written about, as well as letting us smell (and even TRY) such vintage finds as Rochas Femme (why don't they sell stuff like that anymore) and Emeraude (the fact that it's gone is simply criminal.)

Alyssa in person is just as you'd expect from her writing- warm, funny and full of life. She was kind enough to inflate my ego by telling me how thrilled she was when I put up a positive review of Ginestet's Botrytis, which was included in one of her beautifully written chapters. She told me that she felt validated that someone else loved it enough to write about it.

I felt validated that she said so.

I've included the link to Amazon for her book; it really is a must read (I purchased mine there on Kindle.) If she makes an appearance anywhere near you, you really should go.

I say it a lot. but I'll say it again: perfume people are the best..

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Blogger Flora said...

I just got back from Alyssa's reading at The Perfume House in Portland - she is so awesome, funny and vibrant, it was a joy to be there. And I finally got to meet a fellow PST writer! :-)

The vintage Emeraude she brought was incredible, and at long last I smelled Lanvin Scandal, which I have been trying to do for ages. WOW!

12:57 AM EDT  
Blogger Tama said...

I've met her before, but went to see her in SF last week. I just love her to pieces!

2:14 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya Tom,
Well Jel here.
Portia x

2:18 AM EDT  
Blogger theperfumeddandy said...

Dearest Things
I do hope this terrific talent makes it across The Pond one day, I'm sure I wouldn't be alone in Europe in being in the queue to hear her speak.
Yours ever
The Perfumed Dandy

3:53 AM EDT  
Blogger marsha said...

Hi Tom: The experience sounds so exciting! Nothing like that will ever come close to where I live (eastern NC). I love Botrytis too!

8:14 AM EDT  
Blogger marsha said...

Hi Tom: The experience sounds so exciting! Nothing like will ever come close to where I live. And I love Botrytis too!

8:16 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


SCANDAL!! That was the one I couldn't remember and it smelled so incredible on me!

8:04 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


Yes she is!

8:05 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


Maybe we can get her to come for the next scentsation in LA?

8:05 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I hope she does get over there. Heck I hope I do- I'd love to meet you!

8:06 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


She might get there at some point? It wasn't a gigantic crowd. And I hear the Carolina's are really lovely, especially the coast.

8:09 PM EDT  
Blogger Kate Curry said...

Saw her in SF it was fantastic! "Coming to My Senses" is definitely something I will keep re-reading.

4:30 PM EDT  

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