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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back Soon

By Tom

Well, I suppose it's pretty obvious that I've been on a break (or perhaps you didn't notice. Don't crush me by telling me so.) There have been several things going on in my life, or perhaps it's more to the point to type not going on. However, it's all come to a head. I am starting a new job and moving just downstreet. So I will be back to a regular schedule of posting it's to be hoped soon, on here and the Posse.

Since I am moving I am clearing out 20 years of random crap. One of those pieces of random crap that fell into the K-Hole that was my apartment was a decent sized decant of Thierry Mugler's "Human Existence" which I wrote about almost 7 years ago.

At the time I wrote "This is the sour sweat of desperation and failure. Perhaps even insanity. This is the smell of the crazy homeless person you cross the street to avoid." I knew after sniffing it that I wrapped the bottle in enough tape to keep it from opening during the Big One.  If you've seen the ending to I Married a Witch, you get the idea. I also knew that the bottle hadn't been breached since I could still live in the place. Eventually I told myself that I had thrown it out, even though I am one of those diligent people who waits for the hazardous recycling event on Foothill Rd to dispose of those funky new light bulbs and old cans of paint thinner.

I had thought that if I really, truly hated someone I would pour it onto the base of their windshield and let their HVAC system get soaked with it. But I don't hate anyone that much. That, and I didn't have it in hand the other day when I saw that purple Lamborghini parked in a handicapped spot sans placard.

So of course, moving the sofa I found where it had fallen. Still taped shut, rather dusty.

The irony is that I will be working in a place where scents are verboten. It's kind of funny that I am in possession of a pretty decent amount of what must be considered the Nuclear Winter of perfumes, yet not even a spritz or Eau de eau is allowed. My new employers are so nice and welcoming that I can cope with this embargo without thinking "I'll just give a little spritz"- I'll just save it for bedtime.

However, Purple Lambo, it would behoove you to park more politely. A ticket goes away. A cowl full of this stuff never does.

My decant was from Marina, as was the image.


Blogger AustralianPerfumeJunkies said...

YAY Tom!! A job! So happy for you. I hope it's a cool and fun one, or at least one that you are really happy doing and pays. I'm so happy I could sing.
Portia xx

8:42 AM EDT  
Blogger JoAnne Bassett said...

What a great story! I had a bottle of essential oil I received from India. It was the same thing. I couldn't stand it but I tried to like every so often I lifted the lid. They often mellow with age.

Glad to hear you have a new job and you are is great to change it up. 20 yrs of stuff..have fun..Thanks for the laughs today!

10:58 AM EDT  
Blogger rosarita said...

That's so funny. The Posse has it's September Fairy Godmother post up and a fabulous Posseite who has granted many wishes just requests that we send her whatever oddball we have in our collection, the weirder the better. I would hate to send her nuclear waste :)

Congratulations on the new job and dwelling! Best wishes, look forward to having you back.

11:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Tammy said...


6:28 PM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

Great news about the job!!

I never smelled that particular fragrance, and now I don't think I ever want to!

1:21 AM EDT  
Blogger marsha said...

Hey Tom: I'm so happy that you have a job, but have all the other writers for this blog just dropped away?

8:52 AM EDT  

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