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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Foodie Thursday: Persimmons

By Tom

I have never had a persimmon in my life.

Until today.

I was having some painting done and the painter, a very nice man in his early 60's came in at the end of his work and offered me what I took to be an almost criminally over-ripe tomato. Being my mother's child I happily accepted it, thanking him thinking I'd just toss it in the disposal if I could get it to the kitchen without it exploding in my hand. Then he mentioned that he and his wife have a tree in the backyard that produces them. Now, my horticultural experience is limited, bur even I know that tomatoes grow on vines and while vines can grow on a trellis, they aren't going to be confused anytime with a tree. That's when it hit me- it's persimmon colored. It must be a persimmon.

So upstairs I went and ate it. It was interesting- sweet and pulpy, almost gooey.

Looking at Wikipedia, there are several varieties. I believe mine was the Hachiya, which is apparently the most common. While I don't think this will be elbowing apples and blackberries out of the way for the #1 top spot in my personal pantheon of Fruit That I Love, I'll certainly be trying them again.

Do you like persimmons? Have any recipes you'd like to share? Please leave a comment.

Image: Wikipedia

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Blogger Mel said...

Growing up in central California, we had a giant tree in back that my mom planted. It was loaded with delicious Hachiya persimmons in the winter (that and the pomegranate tree). We'd have to battle the birds for them, because they ripen once all the leaves fall off the tree and so are very obviously advertising their deliciousness to man and bird. They were almost like a fragrant, sweet jelly that you had to slurp through, lest you bite a large seed!

I took them for granted then! Now I live in Seattle and they are upwards of $2 per fruit and not nearly as delicious!

9:58 AM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

OK, that now you have taste it, I am waiting for your help to indicate which perfumes are close to the persimmons' perfume!

3:04 AM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

I love persimmon! My favorite breed, though, hasn't been encountered in the States. It is extremely juicy and sweet, with the texture of the tomato, instead being on the crunchier side like apple. *Sighs*

5:01 PM EDT  
Blogger DaveStPaul said...

Tom my friend, you're timing is perfect. Because persimmons are amazing in cranberry sauce.

All you do is make cranberry sauce on the stove like normal -- boiled in water and sugar -- and then when you pour that sauce into your serving dish to cool, you fold in persimmon pieces. It's really very good.

To your Thanksgiving guests, who'll now love you even more: Aw, thanks; it was nothing. =:o)

6:13 PM EST  
Blogger Flora said...

Your post reminded me that it's time to look for persimmons at my local store - at this time of year I like to eat them every day until the season is over, with the Fuyu type being my favorite - no waiting for them to get soft!

6:52 PM EST  

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