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Thursday, November 07, 2013

By Tom

I think I am perhaps the last person in the blogosphere who hasn’t reviewed puredistance Black. I blame the post office, who either lost of absconded with the press sample the company first sent me.

Having gotten the second one, if my postal person lifted it I can’t really blame him or her. It’s worth a federal offense to wear something this sumptuous.

Puredistance names no notes in their press release, exhorting us to “Envision. Smell. Feel. Don’t analyse..”

Yeah, like that will happen.

I get super-smooth spices and leather with a touch of fresh mint.  The spices are lovely- even the cumin, which can be slightly, well... earthy in other scents. There seems to be a bit of stewed fruits in there as well. The whole scent is almost “chewy” in it’s lushness. Lasting power is excellent- easily 12 hours.

Like all the scents in this line, it’s clear that no expense was spared in creating this. It comes with a price point that makes it completely out of my reach. In an earlier review of another one of their scents I compared it to a Bentley automobile: I can’t afford one but I am glad that it’s out there.

Puredistance Black is $198 for the 17.5ML, $330 for 60ML. and $590 for 100ML. My sample came from Puredistance.

Image: LuckyScent


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