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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cédrat Envirant by Atelier Cologne

By Tom

Atelier Cologne popped up a few years ago with several fragrances that I really liked, but never got around to purchasing. For a "cologne" they are rather strong and relatively long-lasting (which is in no way a negative). This one is supposed to be built around lemon and gin notes.

Now gin and lemon are something I love- in a glass filled with shaved on a hot summer day, preferably served poolside. I'm not sure that I really need to smell like gin and lemon though, if only to avoid breathalyzer tests..

However, Cédrat Envirant manages to spare me that because at least on me it smells more like grapefuit that lemon and I don't get the gin. I get a really pretty grapefruit complete with peel and pith, then the mint and bergamot come in, then the tonka and vetiver. As with other Atelier Colognes, the lasting power is very good, especially for a "cologne" and the prices are even reasonable. Will I buy? Maybe when summer comes around- I like to be wearing heavier stuff in winter, even if it's about 80º in LA today. Hey, I'm in an air conditioned office..

Notes (from LuckyScent): Moroccan cedrat, Mexican lime, Calabrian bergamot, Chinese mint, Egyptian basilica, Macedonian juniper, Brazilian tonka bean, Haitian vetiver, and Phillipine elemi.

Cédrat Envirant comes in three sizes: 30ML for $65, 100ML for $105 and the massive 200ML for $170. I assume at Neiman Marcus and Barney's as well as Aedes and LuckyScent. My sample was asked for and given at ScentBar.

Image Credit: LuckyScent



Blogger lil snifter said...

I love the Atelier Cologne range and have recently forked out for Silver Iris which I can't stop wearing. I've also got a sample of Vanille Incensee which is beckoning to me. This gin/grapefruit sounds lovely too - as you say, perfect for summer.

4:48 AM EST  
Blogger AustralianPerfumeJunkies said...

I love the idea of the atelier range but have not yet fallen hard enough to own one. I love their 30ml sizes and think it perfect for us perfumistas. Next time I'm in LA Tom we can go try the whole range.
Portia xx

8:06 AM EST  
Blogger Flora said...

I like all the Ateliers I have tried so far, and I really love Rose Anonyme. This new one looks like a real winner for summer heat.

9:40 PM EST  
Blogger Joan said...

I'm loving most of Atelier's new scents. This one seems like a lot of fun.

11:45 PM EST  
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6:36 AM EST  

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