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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jatamansi - Organic body line from L'Artisan Parfumeur

Jatamansi, the new, oraganic, holistic body line from L'Artisan is now available to view and to buy at the French-speaking part of L'Artisan's online boutique. It includes Shower and Bath Milk, €55.00, Body Cream, €90.00, and Body Oil, €60.00. Or purchase the whole set for €205.00. The line does not seem to be available in the States yet, at least not online. It is said that an eau de toilette will be added to the Jatamansi collection later this year.

Jatamansi (Muskroot, Indian Spikenard,) is a plant that is famous in ayurveda for its ability "to promote awareness and calm the mind. It is a very useful herb for palpitation, tension, headaches, restlessness..." ...All this makes me think that L'Artisan's new body care line is a must-have for me.

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Anonymous Maria B. said...

Okay, I'll open the comments with a grumpy one. L'Artisan is going to have to talk formulations to convince me, not this "natural, holistic" nonsense. Which would I rather put on my face--a well-formulated moiturizer based on the latest dermatological knowledge (and full of synthetics) or a nice batch of all-natural poison ivy? Hmm. Let me see. The poison ivy would make me miserable in a holistic way, there's no denying. ;-)

12:53 AM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

Gotta add,

What maria b. said.

Personally, I think all natural is over-rated. Fertilizer is natural. Clientele anti-aging blocker 25 is not. Guess which one I'd rather dab on?

2:09 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess. FERTILIZER !! (skanky skanky skanky)

2:27 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you Monsanto chemically brain-washed brittle uptight beings really need to reconsider the benefits of natural essences! Might do those swollen eyelids some good. Not to mention those "enzymed" livers you haul about (wondering why you feel so bloated).

2:32 AM EST  
Anonymous Maria B. said...

I would like to point out that tmp00 and I are both residents of California (different cities). No one brainwashed by Monsanto is allowed to live in the state. :-)

3:14 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Oy, what did my poor innocent post say to spark the natural-synthetics discussion. Was it the word "organic"? :-)
As long as it smells great and does not cause a reaction, it is of very little concern to me whether it is natural or synthetic. I doubt the L'Artisan's thing would cause a reaction somehow. Moreover, "organic" and "natural" are the words often used by perfume companies in the broadest way possible. What I am saying is- I don't know how organic Jatamansi will really be and - I don't care :-)
To prove that I have not been brainwashed by Monsanto, I must tell you that I had to google to find out what it is. *ashamed*

8:25 AM EST  
Anonymous Nez said...

Well, I tried a lot of body creams from different brands. Finally, I realize that nothing is as good as baby oils. But, what about a face cream from L'artisan??? It may be great:).

1:24 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

...or what about a makeup line!!

1:29 PM EST  
Anonymous Nez said...

Yes, Yes, Yes:)

1:56 PM EST  
Blogger elle said...

I'm just going to sidestep the whole natural/synthetic thing. Well, maybe not. I love synthetic notes in scents and rarely like all natural scents. There, I've said it. However, I also am something of an ayurveda fanatic (and don't begin to see a conflict there w/ my scents that have synthetic notes) and must say that although I've used and given jatamansi for other people many times, I do *not* like its smell. At all. I can only hope this will be "inspired" by jatamansi and not a dead ringer for the actual scent.

2:19 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

*quietly tiptoes around the issue so as not to wake it again*
How does Jatamansi smell? How would you use it (in ayurvedic medicine). I am asking because it sounds like something I truly need :-)

PS. Does SIP claim to be all-natural? Because if yes, that would be the one natural line I like. Well, I do like Rich Hippie, actually.

2:29 PM EST  
Blogger picassoraining said...

I'm going sidestep the whole natural/synthetic argument (out of politeness and because it makes me yawn) and go straight for Holy Spendy Batman!

It better be good, and by good I want to smell luscious, be baby-butt soft, and have a perfect peaches-and-cream complexion after a bath for that price. I like spendy things, but that makes even me pause.

6:23 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

It is not cheap, but I think it is in line with L'Artisan's general pricing. I hope it is good too.

6:41 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...


That was really interesting: you should blog about it. I want to take notes. Seriously.

7:57 PM EST  
Anonymous SniffQ said...

I'd swing a live chicken over my head and yell "Shalimar," and I'd cover myself in Monsanto if ANY of this stuff took the fat off my a**.
Last time I had an "all natural, organic" experience it was with poison ivy, for which I had to take bad, unnatural chemical Predizone so the emergency room could pry my swollen eyelid open to get out the contact lens. But if the L'Artisan product smells good, I'm pulling out the plastic!

11:46 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

That is horrible!

I too hope the new line smells good. :-)

8:34 AM EST  
Anonymous evilpeony said...

i had the privilege of smelling this last week when I dropped by l'artisan's raspail store.... it smells... herb-y bordering on medicine-like (i think)... that was my impression anyway. i was expecting citrus since jatamansi sounds like calamansi- a fruit from the tropics that's a lime derivative... :-)

7:41 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

Aw, I am kind of not excited about herby-medicinal :-( Oh well...
Did they have the EDT too already?

7:52 PM EST  
Anonymous evilpeony said...

too late to comment :-) did not see you question till late... sorry, M!.. but yes... i believe they have the EDT.

4:15 PM EST  
Blogger colombina said...

ooh, I hope they start selling it here soon too!

4:23 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please. Give me a break with all of that idiotic sophistry like "Manure is organic but I don't want to dab that on, blah blah blah..."

The bottom line is the fragrance. If it's lovely then the organic angle is just a wonderful bonus. If it's lousy then it's unfortunate that natural oils can't achieve the same complexity as synthetics.

Price is irrelevant. If it's lovely then who cares what it costs. These Middle American, penny-pinching, McMansion dwellers are so absurdly funny.

12:47 AM EDT  
Blogger lillyadams790 said...

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11:27 PM EDT  

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