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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2008 Fragrance Trends Predictions

According to Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc., "the following top 10 fragrance profiles will drive the market in 2008 and 2009:

1. White floral, tuberose, gardenia
2. Island tropics
3. Ambery blends
4. "Eco-conscious” green natural aroma
5. Cocktails, ester profiles
6. Grains (rice, wheat, popcorn)
7. Patchouli, retro, musk
8. Iris notes (women)
9. Orange blossom notes (men)
10. Vetiver, woody notes (men and women)"

With exception of 2, 4 and 5, it all sounds great to me.

Info source, Perfumer & Flavorist


Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Those are reeeeaaaallllyyyy wide categories. Just took 10 random scent releases from last year and managed to make all of them fit except 1. I don't get trend forecasting :-)

1:30 PM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Yeah, "ambery blends". :-) Those would encompass ...well, a lot of scents :-) Also, I didn't pay proper attention, I guess. I just noteced iris. What, again?! Nooo!

1:36 PM EST  
Blogger Kathy said...

What, no "Fruity florals?" Let's give a big cheer for that then!

4:08 PM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Yes, unless it is disguised as Island Tropics :-)

4:41 PM EST  
Blogger kamala said...

what's an "ester profile"? i googled it and came up with nothing.

7:22 PM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I wish I knew :-)

7:41 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Esters are those fruity ("Mozartian" as Turin would write) chemicals. So sorry, but I think that means fruit cocktails! Agree with Robin that these are pretty broad, but at the same time, interesting. The grain thing certainly seems to be true. The cocktails, island tropics and OB for men all send chills through my spine, but otherwise sounds okay.

8:29 PM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Well, there you go, we knew there were fruits hiding there somewhere :-)

8:31 PM EST  
Anonymous Andy said...

hehehehe... esters sounds even worse then fruity florals. I can't help thinking raspberry, pineapple and days in the organic chemistry lab some 20 years ago, salivating like Pavlov's dog all over the place while handling these esters....

12:38 AM EST  
Blogger kamala said...

you know, it reminds me of the color forecast they do for interior designers - i think this year's color is periwinkle, or something. totally useless, imho.

12:48 AM EST  
Blogger carmencanada said...

Forecasting schmorecasting. Patchouli is already in everything and its mother, ambery is the very definition of oriental, there's been no shortage of tuberose and iris has already been the star ingredient of how many releases in 2007? And tropical, now, that sounds new, doesn't it? This seems to cast too wide a net to be of any use. At least, when Pantone says the colour of the year will be iris blue, now that's a commitment. Grumpy, moi? Naaaah.

1:39 AM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Ugh, that does not sound good! :-)

6:37 AM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Periwinkle? I love that! :-)

6:37 AM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I can't believe iris is still there. So tired of that note.

6:38 AM EST  
Blogger chayaruchama said...

Andy salivating; that's a fun image...
[I just LOVE any image of the Tauerman !]

Vot elz iz noo ?

8:11 AM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...


8:27 AM EST  
Anonymous sweetlife said...

So what does "eco-conscious" smell like?

It used to smell like dirt, sweat, and head shop patchouli. I suspect that these days it smells more like freshly washed organic cotton and the inside of a brand new Toyota hybrid.

It makes me giggle to think about the perfumers surveying their racks of aromachemicals and thinking -- "Now, to make something natural..."

11:53 AM EST  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Ugh, whatever it is, I want nothing to do with it :-)

12:14 PM EST  

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