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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rerun: S-Perfume S-ex and Lust

By Tom

Still getting over the cold that's running all over the place, so it's another blast from the past..

Of course (Marina) has already reviewed these two, but at March's behest, I had to try. (And really, you ladies are way too quick on the draw for me, I'll always be about three steps behind you all; all I can hope for is to be fractionally as entertaining.)

S-ex. Unlike in (Marina)'s experience, S-ex's marine notes are immediately apparent on me: a salty, slightly iodine scent (I hesitate to call it a marine note) that does, when added in with the light leather notes and musk become a very nice skin scent. If there's anything S-exy about it, it's the salty-skin accord's slight resemblence to, how do I put this in a family blog? I think the nice people at S-Perfume refer to it as "Spirit of Life". Moviemakers in Van Nuys call it "the Money Shot". I'll just call it "Where can I order this?"

Lust. In her review (Marina) wrote of this as reminding her of Borneo 1834: it does seem to be a close cousin. I get leather and cedar in the opening, as well as Borneo's bitter cocao. A cool camphor joins in the middle, as the cocao becomes more assertive: this is the most Borneo phase, but I only smell a ghost of patchouli. The patchouli becomes more pronounced at the musky drydown: and that musk! It's very light, which is a good thing: this is not an MKK or a CB Musk, this is Human Existence. Luckily it's just a touch: this is Lust, not Kink.

Lust is available for $27.00 for .5 ounces at their site, while S-ex is $67.00 for 2 ounces. I've read that they are also available at Fred Segal, which is dangerously close to me. I'm not quite lemming for these, but that's more out of a respect for my New Years resolution to get my Visa bill to look less like my phone number. Like most resolutions, it may fall before this is posted

At some point in the past few weeks, I sort of dared (Marina) to send me the rest of her Human Existence. To my, er, Joy? Horror? She did. She dared me to layer it with stuff. Once I have a pot of water on the boil, some Comet, a wire brush and perhaps have renewed my passport, I will, and will post about it.

The image is from

Note: S-ex is available at LuckyScent, $110 for 60ML. It looks like Lust is discontinued, which is a shame..


Blogger Joan Conklin said...

I like s-Ex. It smells like candy leather to me. I love 100% Love, and am actually ogling an 8 mL bottle of it at The Perfumed Court in the other window.

I didn't know they made one called Lust. They're really running the whole gamut, aren't they?

1:19 AM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

they are!

2:15 AM EST  

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