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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Perfume Hit Parades: The Best, The Top, The Sexiest, The Most Appropriate

(Most recent first)

Best of 2008

Top 10 of Fall, a Bonus Top 10 (2008)

Top 10 Summer Fragrances (2008)

Top 10 of Spring (2008)

The Sexiest Perfumes

Top 10 of Winter (2008)

Best of 2007 AKA Golden Colombinas II

In Which I Am Feeling Goth (Perfumes for Melancholic Mood)

Top 10 of Autumn (2007)

Perfumes for Imaginary Encounters. Second Installment

Top 10 of Summer (2007)

5 Random Bests

Viva la Diva (Diva Perfumes)

That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. The French-iest Perfumes

Red, White and (Sacre)Bleu: 4 American Favorites for July 4

Perfumes for Midsummer

Perfumes for Imaginary Encounters

My Top 25

Favorite Things 2006 aka Golden Colombinas

My Favorites

Six Dark Roses Or Perfumes For Femme Fatale

My Favorite Summer Scents. Part 2

My Favorite Summer Scents. Part 1

Perfumes for First Dates, Weddings and Future Queens

My Top Ten Scents This Spring (2006)

Best of 2005


Blogger Maison Parfum said...

Hmmm.. I don't really get the point of being in the top using fragrance..

But I do know that when top people are using a fragrance or perfume that is bought to some perfume store. That perfume could be in the top of the topics.

We all know that mostly celebrities are using perfume. Trying to identify the name of that perfume used by celebrity could be hard but once the name of the perfume is discovered that perfume could be one of the top perfume and are more expensive.

5:47 AM EDT  

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