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Friday, April 21, 2006

Found on Makeupalley...

Fragrance fanatic's bookshelf. Personal favorites:
- Harry Pottle
- The Wizard of OsMoz
- The Picture of Dorian Grey Flannel
- Portrait of L'Artisan as a Young Man
- Leaves of Grasse
- Bleecker Street House
- Bois de Paradis Lost
- Murder on the Floriental Express
- What Color is Your Padparadscha?
- Dr Jekyll and Mr. Aldehyde
Please click on the link to read more.
...And that is why I love The Fragrance Board.


Blogger katiedid said...

This is fabulous. I think my faves are, other than those you listed are: "Into Thin L'Air du Temps," "Tender is La Nuit," and I think the one that cracked me up the most is "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Pi."

12:56 AM EDT  
Blogger lilybp said...

And who could forget "The Once and Future Dzing"!

1:34 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

And, and...The Importance of Being Incense!

9:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Sexy Sadie said...

The lack of great realises this spring...

4:19 PM EDT  

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