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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Le Labo launches an online store

Le Labo launched its e-commerce site. It is now available for North American delivery only but will be expanded to include the entire world early next year. The online boutique sells ten Le Labo perfumes (no Tubereuse 40, of course) and home fragrances and candles in Anis 24, Figue 15, Petit Grain 21, Pin 12 and Santal 26. Discovery sets and the Olfactionary (a box with the 40 fundamental natural essences used in perfumery, a translation in miniature of the Perfumers’ pipe organ, $490.00, pictured) are also available.


Blogger lilybp said...

The NYers also posted on MUA about a new scent they have made for Dallas--Aldehyde 40; Eddie gave them a sniff in NY. It sounds lovely--with jasmine, orange blossom (and of course aldehydes).

9:54 AM EST  
Blogger Marina said...

For some reason that name, Aldehyde 40, sounds a little scary to me...although Le Labo names are so deceptive, there are probably hardly any aldehydes there :-)

10:04 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The olfactionary dictionary of natural perfume essences from Le Labo is in the Barneys NewYork
catalog for the Holiday 2006.
for $490.00.
I do not need it.
I wish i could say the same thing about many other things.
Such as cakes and cookies and my weakeness for sugar.
But i am looking forward to buy a small perfume for the holidays i do not know which brand, i have not made up my mind as of yet, so i will keep reading your blog for ideas.
I do like to buy a perfume i can carry around in my purse, since i do a lot of driving, and some days feels as if i have spent hours and hours in my car.

12:35 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

I think I am getting seriously over the whole location-specific perfume thing. Especially since I was told that the Barneys in LA might not carry them.


1:08 PM EST  

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