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Monday, November 03, 2008

Hyacinths and a Mechanic by Andy Tauer

By Kelley

I consider myself blessed. I was chosen to be part of the "Bottle on a Journey" experiment by Andy Tauer. I have read the other reviews and believe me, my review is very different from the other reviews. Is it because I am a man with male skin chemistry? I can't tell you. The following was on the note in the box and was written by Andy.

"What is it all about? I have made a fragrance that I like. I am not ready to commercialize it yet. Thus, I have sent one bottle of the perfume off to perfume lovers for a little journey. You can view where the bottle was in the past and the comments of perfume lovers on a map. Please visit for previous comments.

The Journey. The bottle is sent from one perfume lover to the other. Who gets it may sniff it, comment on it and then pass it on. I publish the comments and the position of the bottle on a map. I do not control where it is going and just hope it will travel a long distance (at the moment it is on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), crossing barriers and frontiers.

The Fragrance. Its running title is Hyacinths and a Mechanic. It is a floral scent, a bouquet of powdery lilacs, green hyacinths and gentle lily of the valley. A bouquet of May flowers in the hand of a mechanic with an undertone of oily skin."

Upon first spray, I am overwhelmed by an impressionistic spring floral accord. The dewy flowers smell very green as if the flowers are surrounded by freshly gathered violet leaves sprinkled with spicy cinnamon. I definitely smell hyacinths in this bouquet. On my skin there is no clear winner with the three listed floral ingredients but a general feeling of spring flowers. Now, here is the kick, I don't smell any oily undercurrent or even a hint of oily "anything". Did my skin just gobble it up? Is it because I have an oily skin smell and so I am used to it? I don't know but it is a mystery that I have been trying to solve for the two weeks that I have been wearing this scent.

After the initial floral burst, the scent calms down to a resinous floral accord. Being a huge Tauer fan I feel pretty confident in my following comment. I picture flowers sprinkled on a spilled puddle of the base notes from "Lonestar Memories". The longer I wear the scent, the firmer my opinion gets about this. I smell myrrh and deep resins. Don't get me wrong, there is not a drop of birch tar in this just the beautiful incense base notes that Andy is famous for.

It starts of very floral and green and gradually warms up with the now famous Tauerade. Would I wear this, probably not. It is very florally feminine or femininely floral at first. After a couple of hours, it turns into a very unisex floral incense that in its later stages becomes very deep and dark and resinous. This has to be the most traditionally feminine release from the house of Tauer (even more so than Orris). I have to admit that I love it and would enjoy smelling it on a woman. I have NEVER smelled anything like it. Sillage is great at first and eventually calms down. It lasts about 6 hours on my skin which is a little unusual for a Tauer release which can last up to 24 hours, and I love that about Andy's work.

Well, I reread the other reviews on Andy's website and I guess my review isn't that different after all. It was sure a fun project. Unfortunately, I am unable to give you any specific information about availability because there is just the one bottle of this scent and Andy hasn't made any plans to release it to the public. Here is hoping you will be lucky enough to host the bottle some day! It is now on its way back to the United States....

Hey! It's good to be back!

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Blogger Flora said...

Kelley, that was wonderful! I am one of many who has lobbied Andy Tauer to release this one, even though I have never smelled it. There are few flowers I love more than hyacinths, and I know that Andy's take on them would be both unique and stellar. Now I want it even more, thank you for making me feel as though I have already experienced it.

12:42 AM EST  
Blogger ScentScelf said...

Aha! I heard surreptitious references to this scent on a couple of blogs half a year ago, and then it seemed to drop off radar. I am thrilled to hear about it now--Andy had recently hinted that he "rediscovered" the bottle's whereabouts--this is one that I'd really, really like to get a chance to experience, though, like Flora, I am grateful for your impressions!

8:02 AM EST  
Blogger elle said...

Oh, I really hope he releases this! It sounds amazing. Flowers and the basenotes of Lonestar Memories? I'm swooning! Thanks for the review!

8:14 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to review it and give the bottle a chance to travel to Iceland!

8:37 AM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

God, I am dying to try this! My husband adores anything with a hyacinth note and so do I, they are simply intoxicating to me.
I hope that he releases it soon and puts us all out of our misery. Your review was fabulous and just whet my appetite for pleasures to come!

8:58 AM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

I've also been lobbying hard for him to release that one- like you it's not one that I would wear (although I do get that oily mechanic, big time!) but I think it would be a lovely addition to his oeuvre..

3:48 PM EST  
Blogger AromaX said...

Nice, deep and detailed review, Kelley... It'funny with an oily mechanic aspect. It was not obvious to me at first too behind a nice floral accord. More sniffs and "olfactory search" were needed to get an idea of it. I think it's not only the skin chemistry, but also a certain degree of subtlety of the accord itself.

5:40 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

Flora, you are welcome. Send me an email and I will let you know who will have it next so maybe you can be put on the list!!!

9:23 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

Scentscelf, my pleasure. After trying it out, I am almost positive that Andy will eventually release it. It is too good not to!

9:24 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

elle, glad you liked the review. I bet Andy will release it. I will keep hounding him until he does.

9:25 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

lian, drop me an email (like I said to Flora) and I will let you know who has the bottle. Who knows, maybe you can be added to the list!

9:26 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

Beth G., thank you so much for your kind words! Here's to mass-production of "Hyacinths and a Mechanic"!

9:28 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

Tom, I would like to thank you for checking up on me during my long absence! I appreciate it. I agree, I think Andy needs more traditionally feminine scents to round out his line. I have to admit and may be one of his biggest fans!!!

9:30 PM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

aromax, I tried for two weeks to get the oily accord and never could. I know that isn't normal because ALL of the other reviewers mentioned it! I feel left out!!

9:31 PM EST  
Blogger Unknown said...

What a wonderful project!
I haven't yet had the pleasure to sample any of Andys scents, but I'm sure I'll need to.

6:15 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would also love for this scent to be released!!! I love Andy Tauer's Maroc Por Elle and am sure that this will also be a masterpiece. Not to mention I adore the scent of hyacinths and am not aware of any perfume that captures that scent in a beautiful way yet (if anyone else does please let me know!). I don't know who is able to be added to the list, but if the bottle wants to travel to Singapore, it would be a real treat. --Jen

7:37 AM EST  
Blogger Kelley said...

Ella F, Yes, you need to start sampling right away!!!

Jen, the person that is getting the bottle next used to live in Japan. How cool would it be to have Singapore be part of the test!!!

Email me (click on my blue link to find the address) and I will pass on the info. Who know, maybe he will send it to you?

9:44 AM EST  

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