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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday Miscellanea: Polls, Tags, Prizes, Winners, etc

First things first (and very much overdue!): the winners of Vetiver Dance sample draw are pavlova, Goose, zeram1, Janet in California and W.B. Vermette. Please send me your addresses using the contact me link on the right sidebar.

Secondly, I have bottle of Lancome Magnifique to give away, so if you would like to be in a draw for it, please say so in your comment.

Thirdly, I've been tagged by various fellow bloggers to write six random things about myself. I don't have six things to say so I will do one, and I am tagging all of you, dear readers, to do the same in your comments: write at least one thing that people might not know about you. I also would love for you to share with us the following: the book that you recently read and loved, your favorite song, album or artist at the moment, and, of course, the perfume that you wear and enjoy the most these days.

The thing that you might know about me is that...I am a nail polish addict. I have more polish than any sane individual should and I want more! I wear blacks and blues and greens and even occasional yellows. My favorite polish at the moment is the politically-correct-with-a-twist Tickle my France-y by OPI...I've been tempted to devote Saturdays to posts about nail polish but have so far been able to resist the temptation.

The book that I read recently in English, after having read it numerous times in Russian is No Longer than a Sigh by Anne Philipe (Le Temps d'un Soupir, in French, Одно Мгновение, in Russian). It might be one of the most heartbreaking books about love and a very painful reading for me, in any language, a sort of catharsis that I feel compelled to undergo on a regular basis.

My favorite song of the moment is probably The One by Shakira. What you might also not know about that I have a fairly trashy taste in music, and that The Pussycat Dolls might be the most-played artists on my iPod right now. Don't Cha wish you didn't know that about me?

The contenders for the most-worn perfume in my collection at the moment are Bell'Antonio, Sotto Voce, Lyric Woman, Felanilla and Theo Fennell.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Blogger Julie said...

People don't know that I voraciously consume blogs just like this one! "The Book of Other People" a collection of short stories edited by Zadie Smith, Andrew Bird Heretics!, Marc Jacobs Daisy because it's simple and pleasing (and the rubber daisies just make me happy).

10:26 PM EDT  
Blogger Cadence said...

Is so sad that I didn't win the Vetiver samples! But I am going to try for the Magnifique bottle. I actually enjoyed the sample from the Macy's counter...

10:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous GGS said...

People (my work colleagues & many of my friends anyway) do not know I'm a perfumista!

Nail polish, who knew? I've been inspired to step away from my work-safe french manicures. Enjoying OPI Designer Series "Design" right this minute, and thinking it has excellent layering possibilities (golden beige w/microglitter that's not blingy). Got OPI Russian Navy on my toes (thanks March at the Posse!) and Bogota Blackberry waiting in the wings...
This is a way cheaper hobby than niche perfumes, I'm thinking ;)

10:46 PM EDT  
Blogger Cadence said...

PS I am also a nail polish addict. I do not paint my nails nearly so often as I buy polish. Just bought four bottles from Sephora of the new OPI line.

10:46 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Those daisies make me happy too. I almost got the scent just because of them :-)

11:01 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Best of luck this time!

11:02 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Aha! Someone to talk nail polish with! Russian Navy might be one of my favorite dark blues.

11:03 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Which Sephora OPIs did you get? I was finally able to get my greedy talons on Metro Chic.

11:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Как в одном человеке может со-существовать утонченный вкус в литературе и такой - гм, не подберу подходящего слова- вкус в музыке? ) Ты - энигма завернутая в загадку и покрытая тайной )

11:07 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Я думала, ты теперь любишь песню The One от Шакиры?

11:08 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Я теперь ) очень люблю песню The One от Шакиры. Мой комментарий - про Pussycat Dolls и прочих бандэросов.

11:10 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Ты забыл Тимати, Стасика Пьеху, Димочку Билана, Виа Гру, Подиум, Серебро, Винитаж и Бис.

11:11 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Пошел стреляться...)

11:13 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

ОК, будет повод одеть чёрный лак :-D

11:14 PM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

OK -I think I still have a few surprises about myself up my sleeve....

Fun fact: I love vintage automobiles far more than I should, since I will never be able to afford a classic Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic - yes, I have THAT level of champagne tastes!

Books - currently reading 2 that I don't WANT to finish because then they will be done, the latest Dick Francis mystery, Dead Heat, and an Elizabeth George book called A Traitor To Memory. She is the author of the Inspector Lynley mystery series, and I never knew she was American until recently - nobody does Brit mysteries better!

Music: I am a HUGE fan of the band Snow Patrol, can't get enough. Their song "Make This Go On Forever" is currently stuck in my head and I am loving it! Also loving Coldplay's "Violet Hill", a rather strange song but still mesmerizing. And my current guilty pleasure is "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon, which was addictive from the first time I heard it. Also a fun fact: Most people would consider me far too old to like this kind of music - they would be wrong. :-D

Perfume: Bal A Versailles, Lelong pour Femme, Rochas Absolu, all the rich scents that I don't often wear in summer are being deployed - even Fracas! It's one of the few good things about the onset of cold weather...

11:21 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Not only are there fun facts about you in your comment but some very surprising facts overall. George is American?! Wow.

11:26 PM EDT  
Anonymous minou2 said...

People might not know that I am sturdy. A book I just read and loved is “Shantaram”. My favorite songs are “Tu Comprendras” (France Gall) and “La Wally” (Catalani). My favorite perfume at the moment: Quand Vient les Sauvages.
How I would love to smell your most-worn perfumes, Columbina! If only someone nearby had samples ;-)
Kindly enter me in the draw for Lancome Magnifique. Thanks!

12:02 AM EDT  
Anonymous stella polaris said...

Yes, pleas enter me in the Magnifique-draw! Just now reading Persons and Things, a selection of essays by American literary critic Barbara Johnson, and wearing Mitsouko these days, actually I have fallen in love with it! :)Sometimes if not so serious activities, Pamplelune in Aqua Allegoria, find it deliciously refreshing!
People have no idea about how much time I spend reading about perfumes

3:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Anita said...

I would love to be entered in the draw, first of all, and thanks! I love nail polish also, and since I work in a high school I am forever ogling all the young girls wild nail art that I am too conservative to wear. Just finished re reading "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith, a sweet fantasy from a much simpler era. No one really knows my fascination with older American fiction - such books are like time travel. And I am happily wearing Black Cashmere these days, loving fall. :)

5:06 AM EDT  
Blogger Gail S said...

It's too early for me to think of things about myself, maybe I'll come back later with that. But oh please! do that Saturday nail polish thing!!! Another nail polish addict in the house :) Hmmm, wonder if there's some sort of connection between perfume addiction and polish addiction? Perhaps it's just a love of beauty all around. I'm wearing China Glaze OMG today, which is an absolutely fascinating holographic silver.

6:42 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to enter the draw also. I like red lipsticks and am thinking of becoming a nail addict also.Friday

6:54 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Dear M,
Quand Vient les that a limited edition Guerlain? Perhaps a slightly more masculine version that would go well with a white shirt and a necklace :-)

7:29 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

stella polaris,
Somehow I feel that reading about perfume is something I am a little less self-conscious to admit than reading about nail polish :-)

7:32 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I think you should do some wild design and surprise them -)

7:32 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I love OMG, and tat whole holographic series. Would you come and contribute posts about nail polish? Then I'd do it :-)

7:36 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I like red lipsticks too. Which is your favorite? -)

7:38 AM EDT  
Blogger elle said...

Am rereading two old faves, a collection of John Synge's plays (my favorite being Riders To the Sea) and Benson's Mapp and Lucia. Oh, just started on Andre Leon Talley's Memoir, but it's not turning out to be as interesting as one might have hoped. It's getting cold here and I'm in my usual mourning for summer phase, so am listening almost exclusively to Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Bebel Gilberto, Luciana Souza, Elis Regina and various fave reggae artists (Tosh, King Jammy, Mighty Diamonds, Israel Vibration) and dreaming of vacations I can't afford. :-( Perfumes are being pulled from my pure comfort stash - Cuir de Russie, DSH Piment et Chocolat, Tea for Two, Guerlain Plus Que Jamais, Jalaine Vetiver, Yosh Omniscent, LT Safram and my new love, Bell'Antonio.
Must investigate those nail polish colors!

7:45 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I love Bebel Gilberto! August Day Song, ah!
Bell'Antnio is my protection from cold too.

7:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Lucy said...

I've think I've done my duty with the two or three things we don't know about her in my tag answers a few days ago (six actually).
The book I am reading now is The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. Pretty well known but new to me. It has reconciled me to life believe it or not, at least while I am reading it. Has a lot to say about the immigrant/ethnicity experience in America, the fun and horror of the past, and working with, not against, your own life force.
Currently I have been wearing rose in combination with other things, specifically I am combining Winter Woods and Velvet Rose and Vintage Rose from Sonoma Scent Studio. I saw on his site taht Andy Tauer is be working on a rose for winter, that is such good news.

10:13 AM EDT  
Blogger Lucy said...

Forgot to say I have been listening to Sufjan Stevens The Dress Looks Nice on You (thank you Perfume Posse) and Sam Amidon singing Pretty Saro, which brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. So I can't listen to it in public.

10:15 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

A winter rose sounds fantastic. Lyric has been my choice of a rose for cold weather, but I'd like another one in my collection.

10:16 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Off to itunes I go :-)

10:17 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an OPI addict too, I can't go swimming without my "That's An "EL" of a Color" on my toes.
Book - Sei Shonagon -The Pillow book
And Zemfira is not your favourite singer? I love her! And PJ Harvey.

11:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Wow, I love Zemfira!

11:01 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just signed up for this blog. Can't believe how long it's taken me! Now on to serious matters, thank you for the book title. Just finished reading a Maeve Binchy and am in need of something less light and airy.

I also love polishes. Do my nails once a week; have recently fallen for londonButter and Nicole by OPI.
Thank goodness for my crystal file!

As for cold weather scents, I love Bois Farine and Piment Brulant, but they don't last. Am also crazy for Daim Blonde and your ever-hated Louve. Tom Ford's Black Orchid is for those confused evenings, AG's Le Chevrefueille, and Tan G's Annam is for being cozy.

11:18 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Confused evenings? That sounds intriguing!
Which Butter London polishes do you like? I got two and must admit had a bit of a trouble with application. Those caps, arrgh.

11:21 AM EDT  
Anonymous kalishka said...

What people don't know about many bottles of perfume I actually have. I keep most of them hidden away so my husband, family & friends won't realized I'm insane! I just finished reading "Ham on Rye" by Charles Bukowski and "Good German" by Joseph Kanon. Both really good. My favorite perfumes right now are AG Heure Exquise, which I absolutely worship for its ability to be sexy and comforting at the same time, and Coco Chanel for the same reason. And these days I am sporting a combo of different red nail polishes to get the exact shade I want! Maybe I should alter my things people don't know about me to say that when OPI discontinued my favorite red shade a number of years ago, I hunted it down at a warehouse and bought 8 bottles!

11:22 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Which OPI shade? Do tell!

Wen sexy and comforting meet in perfume, it is an instant winner.

11:23 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Colombina,

Confused evenings means I'm physically tired but mentally alert and need to relax or to be inspired (depending on the mood). It could also mean I'm mentally tired and physically able, so this might even things out a bit (notice the confusion in the explanation as well).

As for the polishes: I have Yummy Mummy and Mariner, but I agree the caps are tricky. I love so many of OPI's colours but don't find they last long enough, even with a top coat. Essie is my favorite in terms of lasting power, but lacks in their variety of colours.

11:28 AM EDT  
Anonymous kalishka said...

OPI French Cognac from the mid-90s, which is the most perfect warm red shade ever created. It looks good on everyone - all year round. I layer it with an ESSIE red that is kind of pinkish, and they blend for a perfect fire-engine color.

11:29 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I see, I have evenings, and whole days, like that as well.
OPIs are the most long-lasting polishes on me. Maybe there is nail chemistry just like there is skin chemistry :-) I agree about Essie: they have moments of brilliance (Body Language! Adore it), but otherwise they produce the same shades over and over

11:30 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Ooh that sounds gorgeous.

11:30 AM EDT  
Blogger lovethescents said...

Kalishka, very cool and creative of you to layer your polishes. Not sure why, but I've always been leary of that...must pull up my britches and give it a go!

11:33 AM EDT  
Anonymous kalishka said...

Yes it is!! Getting on this OPI v. Essie discussion- I commend OPI for releasing a wonderful vast selection of colors, but then when they disc on you like, it's a real tragedy!! I was horrified when they got rid of French Cognac which was the only red shade I ever really loved.

11:33 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

same here!

11:34 AM EDT  
Blogger lovethescents said...


Interesting about the nail chemistry! I think it's because I wash my hands so frequently--am a mother and a nurse.

11:34 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Like in perfume, eh? They discontinue stuff that makes no sense to discontinue.

11:35 AM EDT  
Anonymous kalishka said...

Layering reds helps with the base problem - just like if you were painting walls, etc. It is hard for them to get the strenght b/c of the base they have to suspend the pigments in. Put the brighter one on the bottom, etc. Never be afraid to layer and experiment!!

11:35 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Yeah, that would wear the tips off pretty fast. :-(

11:36 AM EDT  
Anonymous kalishka said...

Discontinuing scents is a crime. They push all this drivel, and then lose the ones that are wonderful and interesting. The frag market is playing too much to the masses. They need to keep it up as an art-form and not just pander to the bottom line. I'm always afraid my favorites will be disc'd b/c they are so wonderful and interesting. It gets exhausting being paranoid about losing a favorite, or hunting down the ones that are already going. I was recently told, though I can hardly believe it, that I bought the "last two" bottles of Nahema in the US.

11:39 AM EDT  
Blogger lovethescents said...


Thank you for the encouragement...will try for sure! Have you tried Nicole by OPI Deeply in Love? It's my new autumn red that I've fallen for...I have fairish-yellowy skin and it doesn't look trashy at all (as some reds have done to me in the past)

11:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Thank you for the ideas!

11:41 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

It definitely is. Sometimes they see sense and bring them back, like Chaos, but that is rare.

11:42 AM EDT  
Anonymous kalishka said...


I'll have to look that one up. These days I'm not often at a good OPI counter...sounds promising. I am a complete neutral skin tone, so I can usually straddle the shades. I like to take a strong pinky red and blend it with a strong warm red, voila!

11:42 AM EDT  
Anonymous rachaelg said...

I'm almost glad you don't post about nail polish: I don't wear it, but I LOVE color, and could probably be tempted into another habit I don't need.
And in the topic of un-needed things, I'd love to be included in the drawing ! (A whole bottle, gosh, I don't have enough of THOSE!)

11:51 AM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I love color too and that how I got sucked into this madness :-)

11:52 AM EDT  
Blogger violetnoir said...

You are a woman after my heart! I am, as I type this, painting my nails with Tickle My Francey! I love nail polish, too. Always have, since I was four. It's always good to find another nail polish fanatic in our perfume ranks.

Right now I am reading Norman Mailer's "The Executioner's Song." I listen to classical music during the day at work and rock out in my car to Coldplay, Led Zeppelin and the Stones, but I must admit that I love Madonna, too! :) I also adore samba, especially the music of Jobim.

Take good care!


11:58 AM EDT  
Blogger lovethescents said...


FYI, I buy the Nicole line from the pharmacy. It's actually cheaper than the standard OPI line. It's one of those new 3 frees types.

12:07 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

How lovely to see your comment! And I am glad we agree on the Tickle. There is a somewhat similar one in Sephora by OPI collection, Run with It, but a little less interesting.

12:10 PM EDT  
Blogger Caviglia said...

Unfortunately Tickle My France-y looks terrible on me...but Parlez-Vous OPI? and You Don't Know Jacques both look super.
Please enter me in the drawing!

12:30 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I am so getting Parlez-Vous. Am undecided about Jacques.

12:37 PM EDT  
Blogger violetnoir said...

Oh no, my friend! You have to get "The Jacques"! It is gorgeous. Polish Addict, nail, and some of the other sites have photos of it.

I admit that I love all those muddy, grey colors, ha, ha!

12:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

OK then, I am sold :-) I will ewear it with my earthy scents and smell and look like a mushroom. I like that. :-)

12:44 PM EDT  
Blogger Karin said...

Hi Marina! Let's see...

1. One thing that people may not know about me - I fantasize about living in Paris or NYC and going to art school.
2. Last good book I read (besides Perfumes The Guide...ha ha) is The Kite Runner. I'm reading The Friday Night Knitting Club right now for a book club I'm in, and it's drudgery trying to get through it. I need another page turner!!! Any suggestions???
3. Favorite song, album, or artist - Madonna (whom I just saw in concert in Boston - she was great!) and The Black Crowes (whom I just missed in concert here in Portland, ME cause I'd already bought Madonna tickets for an outrageous amount of money and couldn't justify spending another $40 on concert tickets). Darn!
4. I'm having a hard time adjusting to fall scents. It seems I have many summer scents that I love, but few fall scents. Note to self: MUST BUY MORE PERFUME! Oh, that's gonna be rough...ha ha. And please include me in the Magnifique draw. Thanks!!!!

3:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put me in the drawing

3:36 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried Zoya nail polish yet? No tolulene, etc. Great colors, their website accurately portrays the color (I have no salons a that sell it nearby in Northern CA). They ship quickly and are only $6.00 a bottle--You may want to look at their downtown sampler if you want blues and greens.

4:55 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

You must buy new perfume. :-) As for a page-turner...I wish I knew...this is why I am asking you guys :-)

4:56 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Dear LuLu
Not even a hello for us? :-)

4:57 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I love Zoya and own...two many :-) Great, deep, indescribably colors, great quality. Love them.

4:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous maitreyi1978 said...

I'd like to try the magnifique. I heard it's rosy and I like that. Please enter me in the draw. Thanks!

7:42 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

you are in

8:35 PM EDT  
Anonymous Maureen said...

I am blessed with strong fast growing nails, and in a previous life, I never left the house without nail polish on. When my son was born, I had no time to do my nails, and have only had nail polish on twice since he was born (he is almost 10 now). I would love to get in on Magnifique. Must.Find.Nail Polish.

11:10 PM EDT  
Anonymous Meg West said...

I would love to be in the draw. I have heard good things about Magnifique!

11:20 PM EDT  
Anonymous chantillylace said...

Please enter me for Magnifique. I'm sick and cant think, but I have the most fab Pug child in the world! She's my fur baby!!!

6:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Marsha said...

Most people don't know that I...oh, I've got nothing for this one. Really, it's just a shame.

But for the others, I'm reading a lot of escapist fiction right now trying to keep out of the headlines - lots of Regency romance and Urban Fantasy stuff.

Music? Reliving my youth with The Cult and The Call.

Perfume? Rose Poivree. Can't get enough.

8:27 AM EDT  
Anonymous maisqueperfume said...

Dear marina,
I collect incredible books.
About sushi, about shoes, about bread, about cartier hotels and spas, lofts....etc...
The books are a passport to differnt worlds and different times. I love it. Specially every thing about Japan. I have a book called Tokyo Chic that is so cool!
I have a vetiver sample that Andy gave tome. It is a really velvety rosy experience.
Magnifique is a very nice woody scent. Rich and creamy.
I loved that one too.
I love your blog marina.
best fragrant wishes,
Simone from Brazil.

10:19 AM EDT  
Anonymous maisqueperfume said...

Marina, I added you in my blog roll so you are tag for life!
Kissy, Simone.

10:28 AM EDT  
Anonymous Aparatchick said...

People don't know that I can read Russian ;-). The book would be "The Monsters of Templeton" by Lauren Groff, music would be "Shambala" by 3 Dog Night (I'll see your Pussycat Dolls and raise you 60's bands), and perfume: Kenzo Jungle Elephant, L'air du Desert Marocain, and Ava Luxe's No. 23.

10:56 AM EDT  
Anonymous versatile said...

People don't know that I love to watch foreign tv shows and movies especially asian ones , korean, japanese, and Indian. (I'm haitian for those who wonder)
The book that I loved was The Religion by Tim Willocks it blew my mind I thought it was a masterpiece it has everything romance, history, action and it's also deep.

And the song that I love right now is Spiralling by Keane and the album most played is Mutemath.

I would love to be added to the Magnifique draw I love it everytime I smell it I have a rush of pleasure like Flowerbomb wich is the perfume that I wear the most and is my favorite.

2:40 PM EDT  
Blogger Trina said...

My random fact: I like tofu. I think it's yummy.

Book: "Mr. Impossible" by Loretta Chase. Rupert Carsington is probably in my top 5 romance novel heroes of all time.

Music: I could listen to "Birdhouse in Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants over and over again, and have on occasion. It's the perfect cheerful little song.

Perfume: Neil Morris Fetish. I seem to be reaching for it almost exclusively these days!

5:26 PM EDT  
Blogger Cait said...

I tagged both Marina and Tom but I wake up later than you to the East. My favorite books of late are the Kiki Strike books. They are about a posse of girl spies in NYC who discover an underground city and their author's books have inspired me to resume my own creative writing. My favorite music lately is either Maurice el Medioni, Rosario, old Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, or just listening to the radio station Radiomas of Veracruz, Mexico. My perfumes of choice these days are Putain des Palaces, Jasmin et Cigarettes, Beige de Chanel, and whatever I will soon discover. I feel my perfume desire reviving.

5:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Cait said...

I tagged both Marina and Tom but I wake up later than you to the East. My favorite books of late are the Kiki Strike books. They are about a posse of girl spies in NYC who discover an underground city and their author's books have inspired me to resume my own creative writing. My favorite music lately is either Maurice el Medioni, Rosario, old Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, or just listening to the radio station Radiomas of Veracruz, Mexico. My perfumes of choice these days are Putain des Palaces, Jasmin et Cigarettes, Beige de Chanel, and whatever I will soon discover. I feel my perfume desire reviving.

5:44 PM EDT  
Blogger ***Zeina*** said...

My perfume addiction is something most people don't know about me. Favorite recent read - "Women's Work" by Elizabeth Wayland Barber (on textiles in archaeology). Favorite song - "I Wish It Would Rain" by the Temptations.

My most used perfumes lately are Memoire Liquide Bois de Figuier, Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint, Shiseido Zen Classic, L by Gwen Stefani ('s really good...), and Stella by Stella McCartney. I would love to be entered in the Magnifique draw.

8:11 PM EDT  
Blogger marchlion said...

That's hilarious!! I just stuck a nail polish post up (I've been doing them on Sundays). I'm just getting into it, but am really only interested in the more out-there colors. I love navy, dark green, vampy colors and that new OPI, You Don't Know Jacques. The French collection was amazing. Wonder how you felt about the Russian Collection?!? Suzi says Da! is maybe my favorite vamp.

9:02 PM EDT  
Blogger Hannah said...

It seems like we like many of the same perfumes
and I also loovve the Pussycat Dolls.
They must be correlated somehow.

I read this blog all the time but never comment. So I'll use this post to introduce myself...
one thing people might not know about me is that I really love languages.
I plan on majoring in German, and I am also studying Russian and Japanese. I also really want to learn Turkish and Czech.

book that I recently read and loved- Heinrich Böll's The Clown

favorite song- 1000 Meere by Tokio Hotel. TH is also my favorite artist.

perfume that I wear the most these days is Bvlgari Black

I don't wear nail polish, but speaking of TH and nail polish... the lead singer always has a gothy French manicure- black with white tips. I've been meaning to get a similar black/gold manicure.

9:16 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

it was the same for me after my daughter was born. I literally just started getting back to normal nails less than a year ago

10:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

you are in

10:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

love pugs!

10:39 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I love escapist literature too. I am all about escape ;-)

10:39 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Thank you and lovely to see you here

10:40 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

Uh oh, a Russian-reading spy on the blog ;-) I just love your nickname :-)

10:41 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

you reminded me about Flowerbomb, I think it's time to get it out, the weather is just right

10:42 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

that Fetish sounds way kinky :-)

10:42 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

nice to see you blogging and commenting again!

10:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

such feminine, elegant favorites you have.

10:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

lets switch from perfume to nail polish, eh, what say you?
I loved practically all polishes in Russian Collection.

10:44 PM EDT  
Blogger Colombina (Marina) said...

I need to check out Tokio Hotel. I feel better knowing that someone else listens to PCD :-)

10:45 PM EDT  
Blogger Hannah said...

Tokio Hotel and the Pussycat Dolls are friends!

If you look up "tokio hotel trabendo part 1" on dailymotion, the 18:24 video basically gives you an idea of the album. Then 1000 Meere was their last single. Both are old, but there will not be any new songs until 2009.

to keep this perfume related, I think Bvlgari Black would be perfect for Bill. I have a mini that I never used and I'm crazy enough that I considered giving it to him at one of their signings, but I couldn't get out of school.

12:32 AM EDT  
Anonymous maisqueperfume said...

Marina you were tagged by me today.
Fragrant wishes, Simone

4:31 PM EDT  
Blogger ***Zeina*** said...

Thanks. I am a bit fanatical about gardening/nature, so I want my fragrances - even in the winter - to bring some of that to me. Woods - light or heavy - are always especially evocative for me. Figs smell very earthy on me, so they are always my stand-by, comfort scents. And I love the purity of soliflores (or near soliflores) with an herbal, woody, or spicy touch. True gourmands develop a nauseating artificiality on my skin. I know L is not exactly the sort of thing most perfumistas go for, but it smells like fruit tree blossoms, peaches, honey, and musk on me. I like it better than Petite Cherie - has more depth, better sillage, and lasting power.

Another random fact about me is that my youngest daughter's is named Marina. One more reason to favor your blog...

11:32 AM EDT  

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