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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Beauty: At last, truly matte eye shadows from Revlon, and Lancôme’s Spring 2009 color winners

By Donna

Shopping for just the right eye shadow can be frustrating if you can’t try it first. So many of them appear different in the pan than how they actually look on your lids. For me, the biggest problem is finding colors are both age-appropriate and flattering, as well as being fun to wear. I love color, but if it’s too pastel or too bright it looks odd on me, as much as I might like it in theory. The other problem is shine – so often I find what I think will be a good one but it has too much glitter for daytime wear, or in my case too much glitter period – my eyelids are starting to get a little middle-aged like the rest of me so a lot of sparkle just does not work.

Recently I had the pleasure of having a makeup application from the Lancôme national team at my local Macy’s. They were running a promotion for the spring color line and the goody bag offer was even better than their usual GWP so I made an appointment. I asked the makeup artist to try out some new eye colors on me, since I was in the market for change. She obliged with a fabulous smoky eye look in a blend of burgundy and brown shades that made my hazel mossy green/brown eyes look really green. So I bought the Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner ($23.50) in Prune from that session; it is an automatic pencil style liner that has a smudging sponge on the other end and the color is fabulous. (Now I want it in all the other colors!)

The GWP had a Color Design quad shadow and two of the colors are Waif, a silky-smooth pinky-taupe and Latte, a pretty cream color, both matte shadows that are really flattering. These shades are part of the Color Design ($16.50 for the singles) range in the spring 2009 lineup and I recommend them highly. However, I also wanted to re-create the smoky eye look in a budget-friendly way, so I went looking for a shadow color to go with my new liner and the Latte/Waif shades.

Who knew how hard it would be to find just the right one! So many colors and formulas, and so few in the right color range to complement the Prune eyeliner, a brownish purple. Even more annoying is how many that came close were too violet or blue and/or had too much shine for my taste. I finally found exactly what I was looking for, at a very friendly drugstore price: the new Revlon Matte eye shadows. The color range is limited but some new ones were added recently, one of which was precisely what I was looking for, Aubergine. It is a perfect companion to my new eyeliner and it goes on smoothly and blends very easily. As a bonus, the Peach Sorbet shade makes a great shadow base for any other colors or a highlight shade on its own, and it is rare to find a truly matte formula in this pretty icy peach color. It really “wakes up” your look. Best of all, they are only $4.99 each and the size is very generous. I am pondering getting a couple more, since it’s really hard to find a good teal or dark blue with no sparkle. Watch for specials and coupons from Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and Target etc. on these winning products.

Image credits: Revlon Matte shadows in Peach Sorbet and Aubergine from Lancome quad with Latte, Waif, Mannequin and The New Black, (This was my GWP quad – Waif and Latte are on top. Mannequin is also very pretty, though slightly shimmery)

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Blogger EileenS said...

Thanks for pointing out the Revlon Matte colors, Donna! I've been looking for something to update my spring makeup, and this looks like a good bet - attractive, easy to get and inexpensive.

When I'm feeling more flush, I'll check out the Lancome set. I'm always looking for a small travel set that will see me through a few days of who-know-what.. kinda that "little black dress" of makeup.

9:19 AM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on matte Revlon colors. I purchased recently the Kat Von D palette from Sephora--a gorgeous range of colors--for $30. As you said, while the colors might be swell, the fact that I'm in my late 40s means keep the heck away from shimmer/frost altogether. A satin finish usually works well, but I need a matte crease color I can count on.

I'm off to Walgreens!

7:06 AM EDT  

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