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Monday, November 23, 2009

Juliet by Juliet Stewart

By Beth
“What I'm looking for, after all this time
Keeps me moving forward, trying to find it
Since I learned to walk all I've done is run
Ready, on my mark, doesn't everyone
Need a place in the world

Could be right before your very eyes
Just beyond a door that's open wide
Could be far away or in your own backyard
There are those who say, you can look too hard
For your place in the world

Takes some of us a little longer
A few false starts gonna make you stronger
When I'm sure I've finally found it
Gonna wrap these arms all around it

Could be one more mile, or just one step back
In a lovers smile, down a darkened path
Friends will take our side, enemies will curse us
But to be alive is to know your purpose
It's your place in the world
Your place in the world
Your place in the world”

Mary Chapin Carpenter- “A place in the world”

There is only one Juliet Stewart and I have to say that I’ve never met another woman like her. I was recently introduced to her through the ambiance of her luscious perfume Juliet. I could go into great detail about the beautiful composition of the fragrance but somehow I feel that I couldn’t do it justice. It’s an incredible floral , laced with jasmine, amber , precious herbs and so much more. What I will say is that Juliet, is simply beautiful and one of the loveliest perfumes that I’ve had the pleasure to wear in a long time. It’s as lush as fingers dipped in melted chocolate or honey infused cream. My husband adores it and says that he finds it erotic yet ladylike. I would have to agree with him, because Juliet is as at home with my pearls as it is with my nakedness. It’s the perfume equivalent of gorgeous garters worn under a business suit and it makes me smile every time I notice it.

However, the most exquisite thing about Juliet is the muse herself. Juliet Stewart is one of the most delightful women that I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Her perfume is simply the vehicle for her passion and her passion is to help every women that she meets become more available to herself, awake and open to the beauty of her life. She IS the real deal, one of the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen, but you immediately sense upon speaking with her that it’s a beauty of the deepest sort, of one who’s been alive and experienced living in the most profound way, the path that honors deep joy and powerful sorrow. She is a one woman force of nature who is passionately calling upon all of us to not be enslaved to anything less than the vision of ourselves as whole and complete, whatever that means to us, no matter how personal or provocative. Her mantra...”Be unforgettable, own your Beauty” is a call to all of us to love, understand ourselves and cherish each other in the most passionate and authentic way possible.

Juliet Stewart is a woman whose passion is to simply help all women know that they are beautiful. As an ex -model and the senior makeup artist for Prescriptives she became very clear that the airbrushed images of young women that she was helping to promote were creating unhealthy body images and self loathing in the very women that she was trying to help. She was deeply disturbed that the models that were used to sell her makeup to middle aged women had absolutely nothing in common with them, no shared life experiences.

So she did what only someone as brave as Juliet would do. She quit the very prestigious job that had been created for her by the President of the company and struck out on her own to work with real women, young and old. She found the outlet for her voice in a beautiful boutique that she created in Nyack, New York and everyday she helps many women find the richness of their lives through allowing their authenticity to shine in the mirror along with their beauty. Her luscious perfume and her skill with makeup are only the tools that she uses to create the outer beauty that is the reflection of what she and her clients discover about within. She hears many different stories, of young women battling eating disorders , of divorced or widowed women starting over, or women like me whose children have moved on and who are ready to embrace the next phase of their lives and want to do it in their own image, not the regurgitated youthful images that we see over and over that bear no relevance to anything that we’ve known in our lives. Juliet generates beauty through discovery and she’s right there with you experiencing the joy and the tears of the blossoming.

The short conversation that I had with her opened me up to the possibilities of my life, her authenticity and passion for really listening gave me the courage to begin to pursue a long cherished dream, one that I’d given up for good. I am finally creating the business that I’ve always dreamed of and it is being received with such open arms by my community and far beyond that I am sure that it is the right path for me. Juliet Stewart is a woman who simply holds up the mirror of life and her gift is to have you experience yourself through her eyes. She is as in the lovely lyrics above, a women who has found her true purpose...her place in the world. I wear her perfume as a powerful talisman, a reminder that I am finally beginning to find mine.

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Blogger Flora said...

Beautiful, Beth! I am as intrigued by the person Juliet as I am by your description of her perfume - it must be amazing. Bravissima to her for doing what she did! I visited her site, and she is truly stunning, and so accomplished too.

12:47 AM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

You should try this one, it's truly beautiful. But you're correct, the most intriguing part of "Juliet" is Ms. Stewart herself. Truly one of the most wonderful women that I have met in quite some time! I can't wait to go to her boutique the next time that Im in New York!

8:10 AM EST  
Blogger Bethane said...

Give women what they really want. Thanks, Juliet, for listening.

11:21 AM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

She really does! She's quite extraordinary and the perfume is gorgeous!

11:24 AM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

This reads as so gorgeous. If I was in NYC I would make a point of going to Nyack and checking it out..

12:24 PM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Tom,you would be so blown away by her, she's an incredible woman....the perfume is amazing and for a stronger more sumptuous floral very easy to wear!

1:19 PM EST  
Blogger Unknown said...

And is this luscious floral sold on the internet?

1:27 PM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Yes it is! Just go to Juliets site and you will find the link for it there! You'll love it!

1:35 PM EST  
Blogger queen_cupcake said...

Thanks for bringing information about Juliet Stewart to your readers. She sounds like an exceptional person.

2:02 PM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Hello Queen Cupcake! (Love the name)

She is exceptional and thank you! I'm glad that you've gotten to know her!

2:49 PM EST  
Blogger elle said...

I recently was able to try this scent thanks to a truly wonderful (and genuinely beautiful) friend. Absolutely gorgeous scent w/ precisely the sort of delicious, warm base I crave the most in floral scents. Am always immensely happy - and relieved - when someone as incredible as Juliet Stewart obviously is creates a scent of equal beauty.
Congrats for the creation of your own new business!! Best of luck! Hope that you write of it at some point in one of your posts.

5:36 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a delightfully written article on a gracious and incredible woman! Thanks, Beth for that evocative writing that develops a glow as lovely as the perfume itself!

8:15 PM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Hi Elle,
Thank you for your warm and wonderful words! It is gorgeous and you're right, Juliet is a powerful breath of fresh air in a truly jaded business. I will write about what I'm doing very soon and thank you for your support. Although I've never met most of you face to face I am deeply touched by your warm thoughts. My internet community brings so much joy to my life.
Thank you!

10:07 PM EST  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Dear Quinn,
Thank you so much!!!! I'm so touched that you enjoyed this piece about Juliet. I was amazed when we spoke. She is powerful and utterly special, a real breath of something that we all need a bit more of.
Have a wonderful holiday!

10:09 PM EST  
Blogger Dixie said...

Thank you for such an inspiring review!

8:07 PM EST  
Blogger Nita said...

"Juliet" perfume is absolutely glorious- I won a free sample, was immediately captivated, and am now the very happy owner of a full bottle, ordered from her website.

8:30 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are there samples available? I couldn't find any on the website. It always puzzles me that perfumers want to enchant you, but don't offer samples right up front.

10:44 PM EST  
Blogger Nita said...

Yes, Quinncreative, on her website, click on "Online Store"- there you will find a Juliet Eau De Toilette Deluxe sample for $4. The website says it will vary slightly in intensity from the EDP.

3:02 PM EST  
Anonymous Nora Doyle said...

Absolutely wonderful!! This perfume is elegant and a true classic.
I recently read through Ms. Stewart's Facebook Fan Page, that she has joined forces with the Ashikari Breast Center. The Ashikari Breast Center presents women battling breast cancer with comprehensive care including tumor removal, breast reconstruction and radiation. In addition, they present surgical options which allow for more preservation of the original tissue. What a special team Dr. Ashikari and Ms. Stewart have formed in the dealing with the difficult issue of cancer and women's health. Good luck!!

4:06 PM EDT  

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