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Monday, February 13, 2012

Perfumistas and Their Loved Ones

By Marla, the Nerd Girl

OK. I rave about new batches of vetiver from wherever. It’s organic! It’s an SCO2! I love Norlimbanol. I hate Safraleine. I wear combinations of molecules that are so intense, so bizarre, that I occasionally offend hyenas (my least favorite sentient being).

It’s Valentine’s Day this week. Maybe I should give my partner the best gift I can think of…a day off the olfactory wheel??

My DH loves strange odors and actually likes beta testing my peculiar creations, and dutifully sniffs the additions to my ever-expanding Scent Library. He’s a Nerd Guy. He loves Music. So I listen to his new Arabo-andalusian rebab recording, rave about the new oud solos he’s found (yes, it’s a lute-like instrument as well as a perfume), and listen to him playing the shakuhachi on weekends. I love it! I can barely play 3 bars on my recorder, so he’s my hero. He says he’s learned a lot about the least-used sense from me (olfaction). OK, so he hates Angel. Life goes on. I hate Puerto Rican Rap. We continue. We learn.

How does your perfumistahood meld with your key relationships?? Will you give the people you love most a scented, or unscented, gift this Valentine’s Day?

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Blogger DWR said...

Unscented for them, but scented for me! (I bought myself perfume for Valentine's day. :)

1:49 AM EST  
Blogger Olfactoria's Travels said...

I adore this post, Marla! How lovely to hear about how the two of you dealing with your respective hobbies.
For Valentine's Day I will wear a perfume my husband loves (Amouage Reflection) and refrain from constantly making him smell something "although it is all the same anyway". And I will hope for a fragrant gift that won't wilt in a few days... :)

6:29 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Unscented for them, but scented for me!" That sounds like the perfect solution!

6:32 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amouage sounds like a good idea to me anyday, but especially for Valentine's. I think I might go for Lyric....

6:33 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might go for Gold on Valentine's Day, my sweetie really likes it and he bought it for me. Or I might wear No. 5 with a dab of Untitled No. 8 to take it back to it's vintage roots. I will refrain from asking him to wear the Chanel Egoiste Platinum I bought HIM. He ain't a scents kinda guy and will only wear it occasionally if I beg him. I don't understand, when he walks by me wearing it, I give myself whiplash following the scent, he wears it sooooo well. Once we were in the supermarket together and parted ways to find separate items. I smelled this amazing "man smell" and again head whips around to find it's MY man! Some moments can't beat. I guess I shouldn't complain, I seldom have to worry that our "fumes" will compete, he's happy to let me have the playing field all to myself!

7:56 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gold is a lovely thing, isn't it? And that's great you're able to track your sweetie with something so delightful!

9:22 AM EST  
Blogger janelc said...

My husband is my test bunny; he samples all my fragrance creations; some are great (the ones in my etsy shop) and some , well I rather not talk about those. He is a great sport too.

2:16 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
It's those "I'd rather not talk about those..." that point us in the direction of our successes! At least, that's what we tell our partners, right?? ;-)

4:05 PM EST  

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