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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Back to the Closet: LesNez L'Antimatière

Okay, I know I'm being lazy. But I am also not very neat: I have a tendency to put things someplace and think I'll remember where I did, then never do. I've lost drivers licenses, credit cards and letters. The other day in a closet I found a bag with some bottles of scent that I had stashed away when I must have been drunk or cleaning or something. In it was L'Antimatière which I immediately and liberally spritzed.

Back in the day I wrote: "On me, the first spritz is the strong smell of Vodka. Potato Vodka to be exact. As soon as it dries, I get the barest whiff of fresh mint. Slowly it starts to dry to the scent of fresh clean sheets. I never thought I'd like to smell like fresh clean sheets, but oddly, I do. These remind me sheets hurriedly taken off the line ahead of a summer storm; there's ozone, but it's not the dreaded aquatic. (Do any of you also have the almost insuperable desire to jump in and roll round a freshly made bed? Or am I the only nut here?)

Slowly, amber starts to sneak in: an oddly cool one(perhaps it's the mint). It's the antithesis of Ambre Sultan's resinous heat, but just as wonderful. Finally there's the barest hint of something like musk: but dusty, not animal. I could recognise it, but not place it. Finally on a hunch I went into my bedroom and sniffed the satin-trimmed wool blanket I got at Saks on sale a few years ago: Voila! Fresh linens and the ever-so-slightly musty smell of wool blankets.

Well, I still love it. It's arguably the ultimate comfort scent. It's like wearing your boyfriends sweater while it still has some of his scent on it. It's not even terribly pricey at $105 for 50ML.  At LuckyScent, which is where I purchased.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not alone in the put something down and forget it, or need to roll in freshly made bed syndromes. I LOVE that you put a BAG LOAD of perfume somewhere and forgot it.
Portia xx

6:55 PM EDT  

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