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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Back To the Closet: Le Labo Musc 25

By Tom

I was in Barney's the other day to pay my bill (their website was annoyingly down) and wandered over to the Le Labo section. Of course, they had the LA exclusive that came out (could it be?) 6 years ago. At the time I loved it but of course it's priced like crack. I do have a beensy bottle a friend gave me who bought in on impulse but really didn't like it. I grabbed their bottle and gave myself a hefty spritz.

Yep, still love it. I definitely get more musk out of it, but I still have that white, sparkly opening with citrus and minty rose, the salty ambergris in the middle and the woody drydown that makes me think of the canyons on a summer afternoon with the top down.

After you've been a very bad girl indeed.

Musc 25 is only available at the Le Labo store on 3rd street in Los Angeles, or at Barney's on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Occasionally they'll release the city exclusives to the rest of the stores, so if you have a Le Labo near to you keep an eye out. I'm lucky that it's the city exclusive I like best. I'm not lucky in that it's $440 (I believe) for the larger bottle. If I were in a higher tax bracket I'd bite..

Photo is from the Le Labo website.


Blogger womo531 said...

Tom I'm so glad someone else loves this one like I do =) and I'd have to agree with your description of it! I hosted a split of the 500ml bottle and it is affordable =P

12:29 AM EDT  
Anonymous Bevfred said...

I've not smelled this but I love your reviews!

9:35 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


call me when you do another..

10:09 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


Thank you, I really appreciate that!

10:10 PM EDT  
Blogger womo531 said...

Tom better get on the list now.... Musc 25 took months to fill =P The funny thing about splits is that the more people sign up causes other people to sign up...

2:14 AM EDT  

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