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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just Not That Into You: Annick Goutal Petit Cherie

By Tom

Longtime readers of this blog know that we are big fans of the scents created by Annick Goutal. As a matter of fact, for me Goutal introduced the idea of "niche" when Sables first hit the shelves at Berdorfs those many years ago. In the interim I fell for many more.

But not Petit Cherie.

I want to love it; I love the idea of her creating a scent for her daughter Camille, who is now carrying on with the company and creating her own unforgettable scents. I even love the name "little dear." But I am afraid the scent really, really doesn't love me. The fruits in the opening that start out so soft and innocently sensual start to get raucous and raspy on my skin, going from tender caress to temper tantrum. Then a crazily huge cucumber note comes in, then it's time to wash..

Petite Cherie is available at the usual suspects, including Nordstrom, Neimans and Berdorfs in various sizes and compositions, My sample was in a ScentBar giftbag I received at their Valentines Day event. If Petit Cherie works for you, please feel free to sing it's praises in the comments..

Image: Nordstroms



Blogger Carol said...

I felt a bit like you do, and then Undina suggested that I try the edp, and I did, and I'm now smitten!

9:14 AM EST  
Blogger Mals86 said...

It works for me. The green cucumbery note in there lasts maybe two minutes and then fades into something grassy, so that I've got fruit, grass, and rose. Pretty. Very comforting (it smells like an outdoor childhood memory), and I love sleeping in it.

Would not have pegged it as being right for you, though. (I am still traumatized by the huuuuuuuge disparity between your experience with Smell Bent Commando and my experience with it.)

4:09 PM EST  

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