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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Dog Days: What to Wear?

By Tom

Not that its newsworthy, but SoCal has been pretty much marinating in heat: temps in the high 90's at the beaches, way hotter in the valley. Adding in humidity from a couple of hurricanes and it's making for some really miserable weather. I've been coping with a variety of beverages, like unsweetened iced tea (I can hear you Southerners shuddering, but I personally don't like sweet tea), lemonade and loads of water.

I've also been looking at the lighter scents in my cabinet: Old favorites like Eau Sauvage and Eau de Sud. as well as newer ones like Mona di Orio's Violette Fumée. It's just too hot to really think about anything else- when I get to a certain level of heat, it's like my brain melts..

So what do you turn to when the temps rise? Let us know in the comments

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Blogger rosarita said...

I feel so bad for California - The heat, drought, fires, hurricanes & flooding etc etc. Maybe someday someone will figure out how to equalize the water supply in the US. It's been a cool rainy summer here, moving into a cool rainy fall, I wish I could even it out;I've no interest in 100+ temps but then it's only 40 here this morning. I have no perfume recs for extreme heat, it's like everything evaporates right off my skin. Dr Bronner's peppermint soap and a bottle of 4711 or Jean Nate in the fridge are the only things I know to try. Hope it breaks soon.

6:06 AM EDT  
Blogger DaveStPaul said...


This summer my blazing hot day strategy was to break out the samples. Specifically those I like (but not enough to buy a bottle) and that I don't wear very often (but that go well in heat). Recently that meant:

CdG Serpentine
Cologne Sologne
L'Eau D'Issey Yuzu
Harmatan Noir
Sel Marin

And if you get the sugar urge, did you ever add mango juice to unsweetened iced tea? Nice combo.

10:16 AM EDT  
Blogger Martinus Scriblerus said...

Cold brewed coffee from the fridge. Gallons of ice water. Cold showers at night when the apartment is still 90 at 11pm.

Colognes. I never wear them, but they are perfect, and a huge improvement in this heat over my usual rotations of resinous dense stuff. And irises. So recently I have been wearing Hiris, 28LP, Cologne Solange (PdN), Lubin Eau Neuve, Eau de Guerlain.

Sad thing is, we *do* know how to balance water distribution. But big ag does a great job of lobbying so that it wields influence disproportionate to its economic value. "Forget Johnny, it's Chinatown."

2:11 PM EDT  
Blogger BuyonPK said...

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8:22 AM EDT  
Blogger marsha said...

Hey Tom! ALL southerners do not drink sweet tea! However, every doctor appt. mentions it. (Don't worry - I know what you mean). I live in eastern NC. Humidity and allergy central. In summer and humidity, if I wear anything at all it is usually something like Perfect Veil or Escentric Molecule 01. I hope California catches a break soon.

8:58 AM EDT  

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