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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Perfume Review: Comme des Garcons Vettiveru

Just when you thought it was safe to read this blog again, there I go reviewing yet another vetiver fragrance. Vettiveru is a part of Comme des Garcons Cologne trio, which also includes Anbar and Citrico. Vettiveru is a Tamil word for vetiver (vetti means to dig up and veru means root. “Vetiver” or French “vetyver” is actually derived from this Tamil word). Comme des Garcons’ take on vetiver is a light, fresh scent, very green, slightly earthy and quite a bit floral.

This transparent, airy, very easy-to-wear composition undergoes quite a lot of development on my skin and is by no means simple and linear. Vettiveru starts citrusy, with bergamot being the most prominent note, moves on to acquiring a dry and slightly spicy accord consisting of cedar, a sprinkle of pepper and a hint of cloves, evolves into a lovely, softly floral, faintly rooty iris scent enriched by the presence of sweetly piquant cardamom and finally settles into a green, green and green vetiver drydown. I like the fact that although vetiver is certainly the most prominent player in this blend, other notes are still perceptible even in the drydown. At this point Vettiveru smells like grass growing next to irises, in the shadow of citrus trees.

Vettiveru may not be one of Comme des Garcons’ most unusual, borderline extraterrestrial fragrances, but it is an interesting, multifaceted scent that would be wonderfully refreshing in summer.

Vettiveru is available at Luckyscent, $80.00 for the whopping 500ml.

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Blogger moon_fish said...

Thanks for the review...
I`d reconsider about this scent (I believe it is cologneish (read - simple) vetiver).

Today I found my old bottle of Vetiver Wilde by Grandiflorum to be amazed by dry and warm vetiver-labdanum sillage... Herbal top seems to me very pungent and almost ylang-like top notes.

Hope to found more sizzling vetiver reviews here soon...

2:11 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Sounds as I coulda like it - nice review (as usual-LOL). Vetivers are among my favourites, but they become "got-used-to-it"-ish. And maybe this one will be a refreshing diversity for me.
Came back to read your blog (while have a spare minute) - and enjoyed it again (actually browsed through Mr. Colombina's post on FdB - fallen out of my chair with laughter:-) LOL

8:23 AM EDT  
Blogger lilyofbp said...

Sounds nice==but 500 ml.???? Are you supposed to bathe in it?

9:48 AM EDT  
Blogger colombina said...

Thank yuo for your support of my quest for vetiver :-) And for the information. You always have an info about some rare fragrance under your sleeve! I will look for Vetiver Wilde, it sounds wonderful.

10:07 AM EDT  
Blogger colombina said...

So nice to see you!
Vettiveru is light and has some nice floral notes, so it might work for you.
Thank you for your kind word's about P's post. I am trying to blackmail him into doing another one:-)

10:09 AM EDT  
Blogger colombina said...

Teeny tiny bottle, isn't it? :-) And the thing is that on me it wasn't all that short-lived. I actually could smell it 6 or so hours after one application.

10:10 AM EDT  
Anonymous Monica said...

Yay! I was hoping to see a review of this =) and boy was I glad to have gotten in the 10 way split on MUA for the huge 500mL bottle!

10:37 AM EDT  
Blogger NowSmellThis said...

Love this scent...think of it as one of the sleepers from the CdG line.

11:26 AM EDT  
Blogger colombina said...

That was a wise decision! I should have gotten on that split too. Oh well. :-)

1:21 PM EDT  
Blogger colombina said...

I love this one too.

But what is up with the blogosphere today. The blogger isn't sending me the comments in timely manner. I cannot even open yours...*grumble grumble*

1:23 PM EDT  

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