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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Laurice Rahme at Saks

Bond N0 9 is celebrating the launch of Bryant Park. Laurice Rahme, Founder & President of Bond No.9, will be at Saks Fifth Avenue New York next Saturday, March 10 from 12 - 5 pm for a personal appearance. There will be bottle signing, gifts given out, and the chance to chat with Laurice.


Blogger Madelyn said...

God forgive me - but I think Bond No. 9 . with its beautiful bottles - is highly overpriced - And ---- none of the juice is particularly remarkable.

Maybe I am missing something???

10:50 AM EST  
Blogger colombina said...


As with all perfume lines, I find that the scents I don't like are overpriced, and the ones I like are priced fairly :-) My favorites are West Side, West Broadway and Chinatown.

Actually, I think everything these days is expensive and overpriced *sigh*

10:54 AM EST  

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