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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Next post...

...will be on Wednesday. I am off to Chicago to visit Ina of Aromascope. That is, if my flight is not canceled yet again. Will report on the sniffage done in The Windy City. Have a great week, everybody!


Blogger NewKidOnTheBlog said...

Have a wonderful time.

And then ...

HURRY your sexy self back to me, as I miss you already!

Your Eternally Loving/Lusting,

1:21 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



6:57 PM EST  
Blogger tmp00 said...

oooh! Have a great trip! Give Ina a big hug from us all!

11:22 PM EST  
Blogger lilybp said...

Have a wonderful time! And hug Ina from me, too!!

7:21 AM EST  
Blogger Divina said...

Have a blast girls!

5:50 AM EST  
Blogger chayaruchama said...

I'll miss you !
Please kiss Inochka on BOTH cheeks.
[She'll be leaving for Latvia soon, no ?]

7:43 AM EST  
Anonymous Divalano said...

Have a great trip! And thanks for reminding me: Note to self on upcoming trips - no booking connecting flights via Chicago in winter. Here's hoping no more weather cancellations for you!! (I love it that Mr. C publicly love/lusts for you)

8:33 AM EST  
Anonymous andy said...

Have a safe trip and make sure you are not freezing to death up there!

11:32 AM EST  

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