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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Beauty - Nail Polish: Butter London Favorites

Butter London is a company from...Seattle, which specializes in "non-toxic lacquers and nail treatments". Nostalgic for Britain, I fell for the names of polishes in the collection. Having tried a couple of shades, I came back for more. I have no problems with texture or longevity of the lacquers. My only issue with Butter London are cumbursome caps on their bottles. It is very hard to hold the chuncky rectangle of plastic while trying to apply the polish. I must have been not the only one dispelased with the caps, as now the brand is replacing them. Newer bottles have a "double cap", rectangular cover and the actual, smaller, easier-to-hold cap.

As for the shades, here are my favorites, in alphabetical order:

Billy No Mates. Butter call it "pale dove grey", but really it is very light sky-blue-grey-whitish color, fit or a Snow Maiden, quite unique:

Dolly Bird. Absolutely misleadingly presented on the site in a bottle colored bluish pepto-pink, this is in fact that rare thing, a neon CORAL shade. Bright, summery, pure joy of a color:

Fash Pack. Every self-respecting line has to have a 'skanky'-dirty shade; Fash Pack is Butter's. A gray-taupe mushroom of a color. Again, misrepsented by a much grayer swatch on the site.

Muggins. Possibly my favorite in the collection, a slightly "dusty" light lavender-lilac. The swatch on the site is too blue; they really need to do something about the misrepresentation.

Swinger. Another favorite, a muted, slightly green gold that changes with the light and the angle.

Tea with the Queen, a yummy politically correct nude-pink-beige that reminds me of the color of condensed milk.

Thames. In my top 3 of Butters and definitely somewhere in the top 5 of favorite teals. Deep, dark, shimmer, a must have for the fans of the shade.

Are you familiar with this line? Please, share your impressions and favorites.

Available at, $14.00 a piece.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news about the caps! I'm glad to hear that because I tossed a bottle of Mariner because I couldn't stand the applicaton process.

I have yet to try Yummy Mummy which I've been lemming for a while. Have you tried it? Is it really that great?

Swinger looks amaayyyyyzing! Love it!

Thanks for the paint job and the wonderful info :-)


8:55 AM EDT  
Anonymous lady jane grey said...

Yessssss! I buy them - in London (in a sweet little boutique in Marylebon). I love Tea with the queen - and now I'll have to try Swinger as well. I have to admit that I bought some colours only for their names...

9:41 AM EDT  
Blogger Louise said...

I have a couple of Butters-from London! The application is nice, great colors, not chippy.

I love the lavender on you-you so rock those shades
: )

10:46 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina Geigert said...

But how was the color of Mariner? I guess not worth keeping? I haven't tried Yummy Mummy, but it's on the list to buy :-)

10:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina Geigert said...

I probably buy...40% of polishes for names alone :-)))

10:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Marina Geigert said...

Thank you! Which ones do you have?

10:53 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marina, Mariner was nearly black but when light hit it, you could see it was a very deep blue. I had so many issues with that cap that I made a mess of myself. I cannot stand messy looking nails so I tossed the bottle. I own all sorts of things to keep nails beautiful, including OPI's quick-drying drops, and Orly's Smudge Fixer. I feel like an ad now :-)


11:25 AM EDT  
Blogger ***Zeina*** said...

The only Butter London I have is Branwen's Feather, a glitter-packed dark purple. I don't usually buy on name alone, but on this one I had to since my daughter's name is Bronwyn (a variant of Branwen). I had wanted to buy Muggins also, because that is the nickname for one of my other daughters (whose name is actually Marina! :), but the cap is more problematic than I initially realized. It won't screw on well, and the polish has dried out. I'm so glad they are coming out with new lids! I'll probably take another look at the brand now. Thanks so much for the swatches. LOVE Billy No Mates (and the name is part of it!). I love seeing an occasional nail post on the fragrance blogs.

6:42 PM EDT  
Blogger Eleven European Mystics said...

Your wonderful work ethics and when do you manage to create so much? Fash Pack and Tea with the Queen are my mood right now...Wish one could get Butter London round these areas. :->

4:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Flora said...

I had no idea that this line even existed! Love the Swinger, it's so Sixties, and I might actually wear one like that for a special occasion. Tea With The Queen would be a perfect everyday shade. Yummy colors all around!

5:27 PM EDT  
Anonymous Meilily said...

Thx for the swatches- Loving Fash Pack and Tea with the Queen now that I've seen these.

7:44 PM EDT  

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