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Sunday, May 06, 2007

To make excellent Perfumes

"Take a quarter of a pound of Damask Rose-buds cut clean from the Whites, stamp them very small, put to them a good spoonful of Damask Rose-water, so let them stand close stoopped all night, then take one ounce and a quarter of Benjamin finely beaten, and also searsed, (if you will) twenty grains of Civit, and ten grains of Musk; mingle them well together, then make it up in little Cakes between Rose leaves, and dry them between sheets of Paper."

From A Queens Delight: The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying. As also, A right Knowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters, 1671.

The painting is Vanitas Still Life by Edwaert Collier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damsak Rose and Cabbage Rose are the 2 main species of rose used to cultivate rose oil (rose absolute or rose attar) used in perfumery. One ounce of rose attar or rose absolute (essential oil) costs approximately $75 - $120. It takes approx 10,000 pounds of rose petals to make 7 pounds of rose oil. Whew, that sounds like alot of work. Long Live The Queen!

8:08 PM EDT  

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