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Sunday, June 17, 2007

5 New Scents from CB I Hate Perfume

Christopher Brosius has finished and posted on his website five new perfumes:

CB Archetype #01 Eternal Return ( ocean )
The first scent in the series of primal smells, "Eternal Return is the scent of sailing toward the shore. It is a blend of Fresh Ocean Air, Wooden Ship and a faint hint of Cypress Trees growing on the cliff above the water…"

CB Archetype #04 Wild Hunt ( forest )
The fourth scent in the series of primal smells. "Wild Hunt is the scent of an ancient forest in the heat of a summer afternoon. It is a blend of Torn Leaves, Crushed Twigs, Flowing Sap, Fallen Branches, Old Leaves, Green Moss, Fir, Pine and Tiny Mushrooms."

CB Secret History / Greenbriar 1968
The scent was inspired by a memory of Brosius's Grandfather, "the sawmill that he owned and the stone house where he lived. It is blended with Sawdust, Fresh Cut Hay, Worn Leather Work Gloves, Pipe Tobacco and a healthy amount of Dirt. There is also a faint whiff of cotton overalls covered in Axel Grease…"

CB Secret History / I am a Dandelion
"Thought there are certainly “prettier” flowers", says Brosius, "the simple Dandelion remains my own favorite. Perhaps because its beauty lies in its innocence and the flower constantly reminds me of happier times. Dandelions are also extremely resilient and able to survive very harsh conditions. Much like me…" I am a Dandelion is "the simple scent of a Dandelion newly picked from the lawn."

CB Experience / Under the Arbor
Grape Leaf is a scent that reminds Brosius of some of the most beautiful places he has visited in California, Italy and France, and especially of the old grape arbor that grew in the yard of the house where he lived as a child. "This is the scent of Crushed Grape Leaves, Weathered Wood, Green Moss and Cool Earth."

The absolutes are available for purchase now, $11.00-$17.00 for 2ml, $55.00-$85.00 for 15ml. The water perfumes are coming soon.

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Blogger chayaruchama said...

Cowabunga, baby !
I'm pretty excited about the sound of these...
Plus, CB is a georgeous human being.
As soon as his book is out -[a month from now !], it's being mailed to me.
His birthday is the 15th, I think...
I love him.
Love you more, though.

2:20 PM EDT  
Blogger Marina said...

15th of June or July?

6:54 PM EDT  

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