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Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 FiFi Awards and Celebration

"...Every year the Fragrance Foundation hosts the FiFi Awards. This year, The Fragrance Foundation has sponsored the creation of three social networking profiles, in MySpace, Facebook, and Iqons to take people behind-the scenes of the big night. These pages will not only be the main source for consumer voting (public voting opens April 18th), but will also house exclusive content. Users can browse celebrity pics and clips, debate the top ten, or just grab the widget to keep informed on the voting process. Each phase in the awards process will feature a special online component. For the nominations, we will post the video from the breakfast. Then, during show night, we are live blogging so everyone can enjoy (...) The first big announcement will be the naming of the Hall of Fame inductee, and will be posted by the end of today." (from email announcement)

The links:

FiFi Awards on Facebook
FiFi Awards on Iqons
FiFi Awards on MySpace
FiFi Awards on YouTube


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marina!
Every person can vote?

4:35 PM EDT  

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