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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bermuda Perfumery Navy Lime

By Tom

This weekend was a warm one in Los Angeles, which sent everyone to the beach. Everyone except me, that is. I went inland to the Homestead Museum which was really a treat, despite the heat. Nestled in an almost completely industrial area are these two houses, one from the 1800's and the "Casa Nueva", built in to 20's when the family struck oil and designed by society Architect Roy Seldon Price. The Casa Nueva is a treasure trove of beautiful tile work, thick adobe walls and the latest in 1920's tech. In the heat of the day the house was blissfully cool, needing only fans to be blissful. Sadly, they seemed to think that at some point I should go home, rather than move in and take advantage of one of the giant bathtubs in one of the gorgeously tiled baths. I once toured an open house in my neighborhood by the same architect in the same style and built at the same time. Lotto winnings I didn't have so I was not the lucky buyer..

You would be forgiven for asking at this point whether you'd this was still a perfume blog. Well it is, and here's what I wore that was coincidentally absolutely perfect for both the surroundings and the heat of the day. something that Donna reviewed (and I think sent me the sample of..), The Bermuda Perfumery Navy Lime. I love limes in fragrance (and hardly ever run across it these days) and this is lovely in an old-fashioned men's cologne sort of way. It's perfectly balanced with bergamot and vetiver and has a lovely ambery-powdery drydown. As you all know, I'm willing to throw down on the skank at a moments notice. But in that house, set up perfectly with the silver on the dining room table and the closets with period clothes in them as if the owners had just stepped out for a moment, nothing could have been more correct. I also couldn't have been more refreshing for the stop/start drive on the 10 Freeway on the ride home, with the less than effective AC in my Honda. Best news? It's under $50 at their website. Short of a trip to Bermuda, could it be better?

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Blogger Flora said...

Tom, I think I need that house too!

I am so glad you are enjoying that Navy Lime. I am a huge lime fan too, and it's hardly ever found in new scents these days, it seems, even the men's fragrances. I am all for a little "throwback" if it means I get lime - the real stuff, not the horrible catch-in-your-throat metallic "citrus" fragrances at the mall.

1:07 AM EDT  
Anonymous lady jane grey said...

I love lime - eating, drinking sniffing, whatever, and miss it badly in perfumes. I'm wondering why it's not so popular for today's parfumeurs - it's not sophisticated enough ? Or was the use of lime (peel) oil restricted ?

2:08 AM EDT  
Blogger ScentScelf said...

Lime sounds lovely. So does the bath. I'm with you; would love to combine the two...though the price point on the cologne is a bit more realistic than that for the house.

As for a/c in cars, hey, I'm glad to hear yours is working. Have a 13 year old Subaru that is wonderful in every way, except for its habit of complaining to the point of shutting down when you use the a/c in hot weather--and what other weather are we going to use it in??? Maybe it needs a shot of lime....

9:59 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love lime and "traditional" men's fragrances. the challenge I have is that most lime fragrances are gone in a few minutes afetr application. Do you find this one to be long lasting even if it is just the base notes?


3:25 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I love the "throwback" aspect of this too, because it's the read deal. Since it's not made in France it won't have to be reformulated, yes?

3:35 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I think that it fell out of fashion; I fear that it might be off the table with the new regulations

3:36 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


my car is about the same age. It doesn't complain really, it just doesn't do much. I've heard it's just the way that era Civic/Integra is. Normally it doesn't bother me since I have garage parking at work. But leave it outside for a few hours in Pasadena and it's kind of hell..

3:39 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


this one lasted a good long time; not a Lutensish 12 hours, but a good six on me.

3:40 PM EDT  
Blogger elle said...

Sounds like the ideal scent for my mood these days. I could use a nice, calming, refreshing scent from another, slower era, a house from that era, a lime rickey w/ vodka, a time machine...

7:18 PM EDT  
Blogger Tammy said...

Oh, this sounds lovely and refreshing. I normally don't do citrus, as my skin turns most things to lemon of its own accord, but I can pull off tangerine, and am willing to give lime a well as this lovely museum you have shared with us.

But since my 1986 Toyota has no AC at all, I may wait til winter to make the trip up from Orange County.

This cologne will be sampled long before then, though; thank you you for both suggestions!!

7:39 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


if you can find one I;d love to go with you..

9:49 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


there's supposed to be a hallowe'en thing going on there; I would think that would be a blast!

9:51 PM EDT  
Blogger Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Oh, this sounds like a perfect day and a perfect fragrance to go with that perfect day:) I am sure that you smelled divine!
I love lime of my closest friends used to wear Royall Lyme and I stole it from him on a regular basis:) I think that Lime mixed with vetyver and or Bay Rhum on my husband is among the sexiest male smells that I've ever buried my nose into:)
If I ever do finally make it for a visit, will you take me there?

11:47 PM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


I would love to, I think you'd really enjoy it, since you're such a fan of the real California. The house is just magical.

12:08 AM EDT  
Blogger Divina said...

Mmm, this sounds lovely. Am with you and Flora, love me those limes in perfume. Haven't smelled this one (Toooooom, you always bring something new to the table for me at least - you're like my perfume Santa) but my own rec for lime-y scent is Isfarkand by Ormonde Jayne.

10:06 AM EDT  
Blogger tmp00 said...


you know I've never smelled that? I'll have to change that!

5:24 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa...i have just gone to there website and they have quite a few perfumes(and i only looked at the womens)...and I WILL BE THERE in AUgust...HELP....they all seem pretty awesome!!! i love lime too!!!and as for the day i'lle win the lottery :-)hongkongmom

11:35 PM EDT  

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